About E.I.R.

Existence Is Resistance Organization
Est. 2009
Mission Statement


Existence Is Resistance is an internationalist organization determined to promote non-violent resistance through cultural arts. In our work we use the arts as a means of expression and liberation of marginalized peoples throughout the world with a focus on connecting to the situation of occupied Palestine.


E.I.R. believes that liberation is self-determined and to obtain freedom without violence, the arts are an outlet of communicating struggles globally and efficiently.


E.I.R is not a charity; our projects implement human talent for inspiration and empowerment in the face of oppression.


E.I.R. is open to people of the human race, all cultures religions/non religion, ethnicities, socio-economic positions, genders and sexual orientations.


Existence Is Resistance believes that if even one human is bound, we are all bound to the freedom of that human.


We are a grassroots organization with no ties to ANY political parties.


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