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Bear Target Systems

Target Systems is excited to offer the first real opportunity for you to save on range construction costs - all you need is a good berm! Our mobile, multi-target steel range system, our patented BEAR, is five (5) target systems in one Brinell 500 Steel Range Package! The BEAR can be customized to meet your range and specific training needs. Single Bear Section And, it can be moved by a forklift to any location! The BEAR is portable, computerized, and safe. The BEAR Target System can include Turning, Pop-up or Static Paper Targets; Steel Plate Racks with Auto or Manual Reset; Moving Steel or Moving Paper; Static Steel Targets...all protected by a 4' x 24' Steel Deflector Plate and Base. The BEAR allows any size police department or gun club to have an all-inclusive range at a price they can afford. You save on construction costs, have more flexibility, and improve range safety.

  • 3/8” thick Brinell 500 ballistic steel deflector
  • Turning, Pop-Up or Static Paper targets
  • Plate Racks (2 sets of 6 plates); with pneumatic resets
  • Running Man Mover System carries steel or paper; comes with static steel target, single paper target holder, and double paper target holder.
  • When configuring two or more BEAR sections, combine the movers into one long track!


Target Systems can configure your BEAR section exactly the way you want it. Need a six-section BEAR with two movers? You got it! Want to change your Turners into Pop-ups? No problem. Need different shaped plates for your platerack? We can do it. There are all kinds of possibilities available to you when you order your BEAR section. But no matter how you customize your BEAR, be confident that it will provide countless years of highly effective training for your unit or department’s operations.

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