The first high speed train which was manufactured in Spain entered into our country through Kapikule on November 20, 2007.

The high speed train set which can reach 250 km/h depending on the road conditions consists of 6 coaches where luxury, comfort and security are provided for the passengers.

TCDD got the high speed train set manufactured in Spain and it will be equipped with testing and measurement devices and will run for signaling and track tests on Ankara - Eskisehir high speed line before it starts regular tariff runs.

What speed on which section of the line the high speed train will run will be determined after these test runs.

In this set, which has a capacity of a total of 419 passengers, there are 55 business 354 first class seats and 2 seats for the handicapped people. It also has radio and closed circuit television system.

Business section also has power supplies for laptop computers.

There are lcd displays at the back of the seats and on the top and also an especially designed toilet and a wheelchair section for the handicapped.

The high speed train will be operated on a separate, wholly electrified and signaled double track High Speed line especially constructed apart from the conventional line between Ankara and Istanbul.

Our first High Speed train set departed from Spain on November 10, 2007 and arrived to our country on November 20, 2007 through France , Sweden , Austria , Hungary , Serbia and Bulgaria .

TCDD will be the 8 th operator in the world and 6 th in Europe that has the high speed operations.

The high speed train set consists of :

Business Class Passenger Section

Capacity of 55 passengers, leather coated seats in 2 +1 arrangement, a visual and audio broadcasting system that can broadcast at least 4 hours on 4 different channels.

First Class Passenger Section

Capacity of 354 passengers, fabric coated first class seats arranged in 2 + 2 and audio system. Acoustic and thermal comfort (the noise level will be less than 65 dB in passenger section), apart from the tables mounted at the back of the seats, two foldable tables in every passenger section.

Buffet Section

A buffet section with 8 armchairs and stool for 15 people, tea maker / coffee machine, oven, microwave oven, fridge, service cars etc. In this section, there is also a special part with call button for handicapped people using wheelchair.