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General superintendence of all Wakfs.

To ensure that the Wakf are properly maintained, controlled and administered, the income thereof is duly applied to the objects and for the purposes for which such Wakfs were created or intended.

To maintain a record containing information relating to the origin, income, object and beneficiaries of every Wakf.

To give directions for the administration of Wakfs.
To settle schemes of management for a Wakf.
To direct the utilization of the surplus income of the Wakf

To scrutinize and approve the budgets submitted by Mutawallies and to arrange for the auditing of account of Wakfs.

To appoint and remove Mutawallies in accordance with the provisions of this Act.

To take measures for the recovery of lost properties of any Wakf.
To institute and defend suits and proceedings relating to Wakf.

To sanction any transfer of immovable property of a Wakf by way of sale, gift, mortgage, exchange or lease, in accordance with the provisions of the Act.

To administer the Wakf fund.

To call for such returns, statistics, accounts and other information from the Mutawallies with respect to the Wakf property as the Board may from time to time, require.

To inspect, or cause; inspection of, wakf properties, accounts, records or deeds and documents relating thereto.

To investigate and determine the nature and extent of Wakf and Wakf property, and to cause whenever necessary, a survey of such Wakf property

The 1st Survey of the Wakf property was taken up during 1955 to 1965 under Sec.4 of the Wakf Act 1954 and according to that Survey 35,703 wakf institutions were identified.

The area wise and nature wise break up of the Wakf Institutions are as follows:

Slno. Region No. Of Institutions Area in Acres
1. Telegana 32,157(90%) 77,538 (53.3%)
2. Rayalaseema 1,616 (4.5%) 27,044 (18.6%)
3. Andhra 1,930 (5.4%) 40,929 (28.1%)




During last more than 40 years from 1st survey, many Wakf Institutions have either (been registered or have been identified) and to cover all these properties a 2nd survey has been started from the year


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