—Music and lyrics by Wilbur Skeels—

Series B - The Psalms (see octavo CQ2528)

PSALM 151 - The Deeds of David

I was smaller than my brothers,
Youngest of my father's sons,
A shepherd for his sheep and goats;
But my hands made a pipe,
And my fingers plucked a lyre
To glorify the Lord,
Since the mountains were silent,
And the hills were not proclaiming
The deeds of the Lord:
So let them echo my words and deeds.
For God has seen and heard
And attended to everything.
He has anointed me with holy oil,
And set me as a prince and ruler
Over the children of his covenant.

PSALM 152 - No Worm Gives You Thanks

No worm gives you thanks.
No weevil recounts your mercy.
But we who live give you thanks,
Though poor and weak.
We who stumble praise you
When you show us mercy.
Blessed be the Lord
Who crowns us with mercy and compassion.
Our soul shall shout of his faithfulness,
With cries of joy.

PSALM 153 - Embrace the Vision

O Zion, with all my might I do love you!,
Now may your memory blèssed be for ever!
O Zion, with all my heart I do love you!,
Now may your memory blèssed be for ever!
Embrace the vision spoken of you,
Dreams of the prophets sought for you!
Grow high, spread wide,
Praise your redeemer, Almighty God.
My soul rejoices in your coming glory!
With all my heart I will bless you for ever!

PSALM 154 - Petition For Mercy

I cry to you and spread my hands
Towards your holy dwelling.
O judge me not as my sin requires,
For none living can stand before you.
Grant, O Lord, that I may understand your Law,
And teach me your commandments,
O Lord, my Savior.
Cleanse me, O Lord, from evil
And let it not return to me,
Let its roots dry up within me
And its leaves find no nourishment within me.
I cried, O Lord, and, answering,
You healed my broken heart,
O Lord, my Savior.

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Text adapted from The Dead Sea Scrolls,
edd. Wise, Abegg and Cook, Harper SanFrancisco, 1996.

In preparation: Series B — "The Psalms of Qumran."

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