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Sealing in the Western Ice Fields:
No Russian Vessels This Year Either

For the third year in a row, no Russian vessels will participate in the seal hunt in the Western ice fields (Jan Mayen area). The Russian quota for this area will be transferred to Norwegian vessels, which will now be allowed to take up to 5,000 hooded seals and 13,100 harp seals.

This quota is for adult seals or their equivalent. The taking of suckling pups is forbidden, but weaned pups can be taken, with two pups (older than 14 days but younger than one year) being treated as equal to one adult.

In the Eastern ice fields (White Sea) the harp seal quota has been set at 40,000, of which 35,000 have been allocated to Russian vessels and 5,000 to Norwegian vessels. In this area, one seal pup accounts for one adult seal.

At the moment, the seal hunt is subsidised by the Norwegian authorities. Subsidies amount to a maximum of NOK 1.8 million (approx. US$250,000) per vessel in the Western ice fields, and NOK 1.75 million in the Eastern ice fields.

According to information made available to the High North Web News, at least four Norwegian vessels will participate in the hunt this year. Last year only two vessels took part. The first vessel left for the hunting grounds earlier this week.

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