Office Holders


Treasurer 2011:
Mr John Uff CBE, QC


Vice Treasurer 2010:
The Hon. Sir Michael Burton


Under Treasurer:

Brigadier Anthony J Faith CBE





Trustees of The Honourable Society of Gray's Inn:
Masters Baldwin, Brennan and Straker


Trustees of The Honourable Society of Gray's Inn Trust Fund:
Masters Etherton, Asplin, Underhill and Foskett

Trustees of The Gray's Inn Scholarships Trust:
Masters Lawson, Howard and Thomas Weitzman



Management Committee


Although Pension is the ultimate policy-making body, it delegates as necessary and seeks the advice of a number of committees, in particular the Management Committee, the principal executive committee of the Inn which consists of eleven Benchers, three members of Hall and three senior members of staff.These members of staff are the Under-Treasurer (the chief executive), the Director of Finance, Director of Estates and Director of Education. They and the rest of the staff have responsibility for administering the Inn within the guidelines set down by Pension and the Management Committee.

Master Ouseley - Chairman
Master Burton - Vice Chairman
Master Carlile - House
Lord Goldsmith- Master of Finance
Master Steel - Master of Estate
Master Glasgow - Library
Master McCaul - Advocacy
Master Manning - Walks
Master Nicola Davies - Administration and Modern Records
Ms. Christina Michalos
Mr. Michael Sherry

In 1996 a Barristers' Committee was set up to represent the views of the non-Bencher members of the Inn and to convey those views to the Benchers in the most effective way.There are 10 elected members of the committee and a small number nominated by the different Circuits (the regional areas of the Bar). Elections take place every three years.The Committee has representatives on most of the important committee within the Inn and a list of the present members is available on the Barristers Committee page. They welcome suggestions from members of the Inn of subjects for consideration by the committee.



Committee Chairman: Master Hunt

Election Information
Committee Chairman: Master Ali Malek


Advocacy & Continuing Education Committee Chairman: Master McCaul


Student Affairs Committee Chairman: Master Perry


Moots Committee Chairman: Master Hedley


GRAYA Chairman: Master Butcher