Why Love In Action?

How could a Christian man become addicted to online pornography? How could a Christian mom be tempted into a lesbian affair? How could a preacher’s kid choose the gay lifestyle over what she has always been taught is right?  Sexual and relational sin can indeed be a complex, multi-layered issue, especially in a culture...  read more>>



What is Love In Action?


Love In Action International is a Christian discipleship ministry that exists to restore those trapped in sexual and relational sin through the power of Jesus Christ. Through individual biblical counseling, support groups, custom intensive programs, and Residential Program, we seek to empower men and women to embrace their identity in Christ, posture themselves to receive God's healing in their deep areas of emotional wounding, learn to meet their relational needs in healthy ways, and make good choices that harmonize with their deeply felt moral convictions. We encourage you to browse our list of programs and contact us with any questions.  Read more »


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