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3rd International Computer Science Symposium in Russia (CSR 2008)

Moscow, Russia, June 7–12, 2008

Organizers: Dorodnicyn Computing Centre of Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute for System Programming of Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow State University, Moscow Institute of Open Education, Institute of New Technologies

CSR 2008 is the third conference in a series of regular events started with CSR 2006 in St. Petersburg (see LNCS 3967) and CSR 2007 in Ekaterinburg (see LNCS 4649). It intends to reflect the broad scope of international cooperation in computer science. CSR 2008 consists of two tracks: Theory Track and Applications and Technology Track. Two special sessions Andrej Muchnik in Memoriam and Teaching Computer Science and a satellite Workshop on Algebra, Combinatorics, and Complexity are held.

Opening lecture:

Invited speakers:

Avi Wigderson (IAS, Princeton)
Randomness — a Computational Complexity Perspective

Eric Allender (Rutgers Univ., USA)
Cracks in the Defenses: Scouting Out Approaches on Circuit Lower Bounds
Zurab Khasidashvili (Intel, Haifa, Israel)
On Formal Equivalence Verification of Hardware
Leonid Levin (Boston Univ., USA)
Forbidden Information
Pavel Pudlák (Math. Inst. Acad. Sci., Prague, Czech Rep.)
Twelve Problems in Proof Complexity
Florin Spanachi (SAP, Karlsruhe, Germany)
From Requirements to Software - Applying Theory to Practice
Limsoon Wong (National Univ. of Singapore)
Manifestation and Exploitation of Invariants in Bioinformatics
Yuri Zhuravlev and Konstantin Rudakov
Uri Zwick (Tel Aviv Univ., Israel)
Simple Stochastic Games, Mean Payoff Games, Parity Games

Program committee of Theory Track:

Program committee of Applications and Technology Track:

Sergei Artemov (CUNY Graduate Center, USA)
Matthias Baaz (Univ. of Technology, Vienna)
Boaz Barak (Princeton Univ., USA)
Lev Beklemishev (Steklov Inst., Moscow, Russia)
Harry Buhrman (CWI / Univ. of Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Andrei Bulatov (SFU, Canada)
Evgeny Dantsin (Roosevelt Univ., USA)
Volker Diekert (Univ. Stuttgart, Germany)
Anna Frid (Sobolev Institute, Novosibirsk, Russia)
Andreas Goerdt (TU Chemnitz, Germany)
Andrew V. Goldberg (MSR-SVC, USA)
Dima Grigoriev (IRMAR, France)
Yuri Gurevich (Microsoft Research, USA)
Edward A. Hirsch (Steklov Inst., St.Petersburg, Russia)
Nicole Immorlica (CWI, Netherlands)
Pascal Koiran (ENS Lyon, France)
Michal Koucky (Institute of Mathematics, Prague, Czech Republic)
Yury Makarychev (Microsoft Research, USA)
Yuri Matiyasevich (Steklov Inst., St.Petersburg, Russia)
Alexander Razborov (Steklov Inst., Moscow, Russia / IAS, USA) (chair)
Victor Selivanov (Novosibirsk Pedagogical Univ., Russia)
Alexander Shen (LIF CNRS, France / IPPI, Russia)
Helmut Veith (TU Munich, Germany)
Nikolay Vereshchagin (MSU, Russia)
Sergey Yekhanin (IAS, USA)
Robert Bauer (IBM, USA)
Egon Borger (Univ. di Pisa, Italy)
Stephane Bressan (National Univ. of Singapore, Singapore)
Gabriel Ciobanu (Cuza University, Iasi, Romania)
Michael Kishinevsky (Intel, USA)
Gregory Kucherov (CNRS / LIFL / INRIA, France)
Alexandre Petrenko (CRIM, Canada)
Andreas Reuter (Univ. of Kaiserslautern / European Media Laboratory GmbH, Heidelberg, Germany)
Anatol Slissenko (Univ. Paris 12, France) (chair)
Elena Troubitsyna (Abo Akademi, Finland)
Andrei Voronkov (Univ. of Manchester, UK)
Sergey Zhukov (Transas, Russia)

Steering committee of CSR conferences:

Symposium chair:

Volker Diekert (Univ. Stuttgart, Germany)
Anna Frid (Sobolev Institute, Novosibirsk, Russia)
Edward A. Hirsch (Steklov Inst., St.Petersburg, Russia)
Juhani Karhumaki (Univ. of Turku, Finland)
Mikhail Volkov (Ural State Univ., Russia)
Alexei L. Semenov (MIOE, Moscow, Russia)

Theory Track topics include

Applications and Technology Track topics include

  • algorithms and data structures;
  • complexity and cryptography;
  • formal languages and automata;
  • computational models and concepts;
  • proof theory and applications of logic to computer science.

  • programming and languages;
  • artificial intelligence;
  • bio-informatics;
  • computer architecture, hardware design, nanotechnology;
  • databases and knowledge bases, information retrieval and search, Web technologies;
  • numerical and symbolic computing;
  • programming for parallel computing;
  • software development and software validation methods and tools.

Important dates

Submission deadline: December 9, 2007.
Notification of acceptance: February 8, 2008.

Yandex Best Paper Awards

Proceedings: Lecture Notes in Computer Science 5010 published by Springer.

Pictures from the conference can be found here.

Other CSR conferences: CSR 2006 in St. Petersburg (see LNCS 3967), CSR 2007 in Ekaterinburg (see LNCS 4649), CSR 2009 in Novosibirsk.

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