The unofficial Apple Network Server page!

In 1996, Apple launched a computer that would become a legend to many. The Apple Network Server (codenamed Shiner) was the first — and ONLY — Macintosh era Apple computer that did not run Mac OS; it instead ran a version of IBM's AIX Operating System. While the machine was pulled from Apple's lineup just 14 months later, it still lives on today. In addition to the original AIX, many now run Linux, and some also run NetBSD. The Apple Network Server remains a masterpiece of computer design, and will always occupy a special place in Apple's history.

We invite you to take part in supporting these treasures. Please browse our site and feel free to contribute any information you have about the Apple Network Server. Come join us at #ans on FreeNode.

New forum!

We finally have a new forum! If you own or use Apple Network Servers, or even if you're just an enthusiast, please feel free to register and introduce yourself.

Photo gallery fixed!

The photo gallery is now working again. Sadly, I (Stian) don't have a lot of photos to contribute at the moment, but we are definitely accepting contributions!

Webmaster wanted!

Since our original web master left the community, the web site has sadly languished. There is a lot of material available, but we could really use someone to help us organize it and run the web site. Hosting is already arranged; if you would like to help out, please contact Stian Oksavik via email at stian at bigrig dot org.

Last updated Feburary 6, 2010.