DateTitleFirst Release

4-6-11Perform This WayDigital download sites (4-11)
10-25-10Another TattooAlpocalypse (6-11)
10-25-10Party in The CIAAlpocalypse (6-11)
5-8-10TMZAlpocalypse (6-11)
5-8-10Polka Face!Alpocalypse (6-11)
1-8-10Stop Forwarding That Crap To MeAlpocalypse (6-11)
1-8-10If That Isn't LoveAlpocalypse (6-11)
4-21-09RingtoneDigital download sites (8-09)
4-21-09CNRDigital download sites (8-09)
4-21-09Skipper DanDigital download sites (7-09)
4-21-09CraigslistDigital download sites (6-09)
9-29-08Whatever You LikeiTunes (10-08)
7-22-06White & NerdyStraight Outta Lynwood CD (9-06)
7-22-06Do I Creep You OutStraight Outta Lynwood CD (9-06)
4-12-06Polkarama!Straight Outta Lynwood CD (9-06)
4-12-06You're PitifulInternet only (6-06)
2-19-06Confessions Part IIIStraight Outta Lynwood CD (9-06)
2-19-06Trapped In The Drive-ThruStraight Outta Lynwood CD (9-06)
2-19-06Canadian IdiotStraight Outta Lynwood CD (9-06)
7-5-05PancreasStraight Outta Lynwood CD (9-06)
7-5-05Close But No CigarStraight Outta Lynwood CD (9-06)
7-5-05Virus AlertStraight Outta Lynwood CD (9-06)
7-5-05Don't Download This SongStraight Outta Lynwood CD (9-06)
7-5-05I'll Sue YaStraight Outta Lynwood CD (9-06)
7-5-05Weasel Stomping DayStraight Outta Lynwood CD (9-06)
3-21-03Couch PotatoPoodle Hat CD (5-03)
3-21-03EbayPoodle Hat CD (5-03)
3-21-03Ode To A SuperheroPoodle Hat CD (5-03)
3-21-03Trash DayPoodle Hat CD (5-03)
3-21-03Angry White Boy PolkaPoodle Hat CD (5-03)
3-21-03A Complicated SongPoodle Hat CD (5-03)
10-29-02The Ballad of Homer & MargeSimpsons: Kiss And Tell DVD (2-06)
3-27-02Genius In FrancePoodle Hat CD (5-03)
3-26-02Party At The Leper ColonyPoodle Hat CD (5-03)
3-26-02Wanna B Ur LovrPoodle Hat CD (5-03)
3-26-02Hardware StorePoodle Hat CD (5-03)
3-26-02Why Does This Always Happen To Me?Poodle Hat CD (5-03)
3-26-02BobPoodle Hat CD (5-03)
5-30-00PolkamonPokémon 2000 The Movie soundtrack CD (7-00)
4-20-99Polka Power!Running With Scissors CD (6-99)
4-20-99The Saga BeginsRunning With Scissors CD (6-99)
4-19-99Grapefruit DietRunning With Scissors CD (6-99)
4-19-99It's All About The PentiumsRunning With Scissors CD (6-99)
4-19-99Jerry SpringerRunning With Scissors CD (6-99)
4-19-99Pretty Fly For A RabbiRunning With Scissors CD (6-99)
10-15-98Truck Drivin' SongRunning With Scissors CD (6-99)
10-15-98My Baby's In Love With Eddie VedderRunning With Scissors CD (6-99)
10-15-98AlbuquerqueRunning With Scissors CD (6-99)
10-16-98Your Horoscope For TodayRunning With Scissors CD (6-99)
10-7-98GermsRunning With Scissors CD (6-99)
6-29-97The Weird Al Show ThemeRunning With Scissors CD (6-99)
3-7-97The Ballad Of Kent Marlow"Safety Patrol", ABC-TV (3-98)
3-27-96Spy Hard (Main Title)single (5-96)
1-15-96Syndicated Inc.Bad Hair Day CD (3-96)
1-15-96Amish ParadiseBad Hair Day CD (3-96)
1-3-96GumpBad Hair Day CD (3-96)
1-3-96Phony CallsBad Hair Day CD (3-96)
1-3-96The Alternative PolkaBad Hair Day CD (3-96)
11-5-95Cavity SearchBad Hair Day CD (3-96)
11-5-95I'm So Sick Of YouBad Hair Day CD (3-96)
12-1-94Since You've Been GoneBad Hair Day CD (3-96)
12-1-94The Night Santa Went CrazyBad Hair Day CD (3-96)
12-1-94I Remember LarryBad Hair Day CD (3-96)
11-30-94Everything You Know Is WrongBad Hair Day CD (3-96)
11-30-94Callin' In SickBad Hair Day CD (3-96)
7-27-94Headline Newssingle (9-94)
8-18-93Livin' In The FridgeAlapalooza CD (10-93)
7-17-93Bohemian PolkaAlapalooza CD (10-93)
7-17-93Harvey The Wonder HamsterAlapalooza CD (10-93)
7-16-93Jurassic ParkAlapalooza CD (10-93)
7-16-93Achy Breaky SongAlapalooza CD (10-93)
7-16-93Bedrock AnthemAlapalooza CD (10-93)
7-16-93Talk SoupAlapalooza CD (10-93)
12-1-92She Was A MimeAlapalooza CD (10-93)
11-30-92Frank's 2000" TVAlapalooza CD (10-93)
11-30-92Young, Dumb & UglyAlapalooza CD (10-93)
11-30-92Traffic JamAlapalooza CD (10-93)
1-27-92I Was Only KiddingOff The Deep End CD (4-92)
1-27-92Bite Me (hidden track at end of disc)Off The Deep End CD (4-92)
1-27-92Smells Like NirvanaOff The Deep End CD (4-92)
1-27-92Polka Your Eyes OutOff The Deep End CD (4-92)
Jan 92Taco GrandeOff The Deep End CD (4-92)
6-23-91Babalu MusicBabalu Music! CD (9-91)
12-30-90The Plumbing SongOff The Deep End CD (4-92)
12-3-90I Can't Watch ThisOff The Deep End CD (4-92)
12-3-90The White StuffOff The Deep End CD (4-92)
6-7-90Waffle Kingb-side of Nirvana single (4-92)
6-7-90You Don't Love Me AnymoreOff The Deep End CD (4-92)
6-6-90When I Was Your AgeOff The Deep End CD (4-92)
6-6-90Trigger HappyOff The Deep End CD (4-92)
6-6-90Airline AmyOff The Deep End CD (4-92)
5-25-89She Drives Like CrazyUHF Sountrack And Other Stuff LP (7-89)
5-25-89Isle ThingUHF Sountrack And Other Stuff LP (7-89)
5-24-89Generic BluesUHF Sountrack And Other Stuff LP (7-89)
5-24-89Biggest Ball Of Twine In MinnesotaUHF Sountrack And Other Stuff LP (7-89)
5-24-89Hot Rocks PolkaUHF Sountrack And Other Stuff LP (7-89)
5-24-89Attack Of The Radioactive Hamsters...UHF Sountrack And Other Stuff LP (7-89)
5-24-89SpamUHF Sountrack And Other Stuff LP (7-89)
3-2-89Spatula CityUHF Sountrack And Other Stuff LP (7-89)
2-25-89Stanley Spudowski's ThemeUHF Sountrack And Other Stuff LP (7-89)
2-25-89Ghandi IIUHF Sountrack And Other Stuff LP (7-89)
2-24-89UHFUHF Sountrack And Other Stuff LP (7-89)
2-24-89Let Me Be Your HogUHF Sountrack And Other Stuff LP (7-89)
12-20-88Money For Nothing/Beverly HillbilliesUHF Sountrack And Other Stuff LP (7-89)
1988Peter And The WolfPeter And The Wolf LP (1988)
1988Carnival Of The Animals - Part TwoPeter And The Wolf LP (1988)
2-19-88LasagnaEven Worse LP (4-88)
2-18-88This Song's Just Six Words LongEven Worse LP (4-88)
2-18-88FatEven Worse LP (4-88)
2-18-88TwisterEven Worse LP (4-88)
2-18-88AlimonyEven Worse LP (4-88)
2-18-88I Think I'm A Clone NowEven Worse LP (4-88)
12-1-87Good Old DaysEven Worse LP (4-88)
12-1-87You Make MeEven Worse LP (4-88)
12-1-87Velvet ElvisEven Worse LP (4-88)
11-30-87MelanieEven Worse LP (4-88)
11-30-87Stuck In A Closet With Vanna WhiteEven Worse LP (4-88)
9-1-86Good Enough For NowPolka Party! LP (10-86)
8-29-86Toothless PeoplePolka Party! LP (10-86)
8-29-86Polka Party!Polka Party! LP (10-86)
8-5-86Here's JohnnyPolka Party! LP (10-86)
8-4-86Addicted To SpudsPolka Party! LP (10-86)
8-4-86Living With A HerniaPolka Party! LP (10-86)
4-23-86Christmas At Ground ZeroPolka Party! LP (10-86)
4-22-86Dog Eat DogPolka Party! LP (10-86)
4-22-86One Of Those DaysPolka Party! LP (10-86)
4-22-86Don't Wear Those ShoesPolka Party! LP (10-86)
3-25-85Hooked On PolkasDare To Be Stupid LP (6-85)
3-21-85Girls Just Want To Have LunchDare To Be Stupid LP (6-85)
2-27-85I Want A New DuckDare To Be Stupid LP (6-85)
2-21-85Like A SurgeonDare To Be Stupid LP (6-85)
2-20-85Yoda (remake of unreleased version)Dare To Be Stupid LP (6-85)
1-3-85George Of The JungleDare To Be Stupid LP (6-85)
1-3-85Dare To Be StupidDare To Be Stupid LP (6-85)
1-2-85Cable TVDare To Be Stupid LP (6-85)
1-2-85Slime Creatures From Outer SpaceDare To Be Stupid LP (6-85)
1-2-85One More MinuteDare To Be Stupid LP (6-85)
8-20-84This Is The Lifesingle (11-84)
3-10-84It's Still Billy Joel To Me (live)Dr.Demento Basement Tapes #5 (12-96)
12-13-83Eat ItIn 3-D LP (2-84)
12-13-83Polkas On 45In 3-D LP (2-84)
12-13-83King Of SuedeIn 3-D LP (2-84)
12-12-83Theme from Rocky XIIIIn 3-D LP (2-84)
12-12-83I Lost On JeopardyIn 3-D LP (2-84)
12-12-83The Brady BunchIn 3-D LP (2-84)
10-1-83Nature Trail To HellIn 3-D LP (2-84)
10-1-83Mr. PopeilIn 3-D LP (2-84)
10-1-83Buy Me a CondoIn 3-D LP (2-84)
10-1-83Midnight StarIn 3-D LP (2-84)
10-1-83That Boy Could DanceIn 3-D LP (2-84)
2-11-83RickyWeird Al Yankovic LP (4-83)
2-11-83Buckingham BluesWeird Al Yankovic LP (4-83)
3-14-82Such A Groovy GuyWeird Al Yankovic LP (4-83)
3-14-82Gotta Boogie (remake)Weird Al Yankovic LP (4-83)
3-14-82I'll Be Mellow When I'm Dead (remake)Weird Al Yankovic LP (4-83)
3-14-82Mr.Frump In The Iron Lung (remake)Weird Al Yankovic LP (4-83)
3-14-82Stop Draggin' My Car AroundWeird Al Yankovic LP (4-83)
3-14-82My Bologna (remake)Weird Al Yankovic LP (4-83)
3-14-82I Love Rocky RoadWeird Al Yankovic LP (4-83)
3-14-82The Check's In The MailWeird Al Yankovic LP (4-83)
3-14-82Happy Birthday (remake)Weird Al Yankovic LP (4-83)
2-21-82I Love Rocky Road (demo)Dr.Demento Basement Tapes #9 (1-01)
12-12-81PacmanDr.Demento Basement Tapes #4 (12-95)
8-22-81Stop Draggin' My Car Around (demo)Dr.Demento Basement Tapes #10 (4-02)
7-18-81I'll Be Mellow When I'm DeadDr.Demento Basement Tapes #3 (12-94)
1-19-81Happy BirthdayPlacebo ep (2-81)
Jan 81Mr.Frump In The Iron LungPlacebo ep (2-81)
late-80YodaDr.Demento Basement Tapes #6 (12-97)
9-14-80You Don't Take Your ShowersDr.Demento Basement Tapes #14 (2-06)
9-14-80Another One Rides The BusPlacebo ep (2-81)
Apr 80Gotta BoogiePlacebo ep (2-81)
Feb 80Baby Likes BurpingDr.Demento Basement Tapes #11 (5-03)
11-11-79School Cafeteria (live in studio)Dr.Demento Basement Tapes #7 (12-98)
Nov 79School Cafeteriab-side of Bologna single (12-79)
Sept 79My Bolognasingle (12-79)
mid-78Take Me DownSLO Grown LP (1978)
These are the recording dates of Al's released songs, where Date represents the first day recording began (it was rare that a song was actually completed the same day.) First Release is where the song was first available in the U.S., although it may also have appeared on subsequent albums or compilations.

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