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Dayton Highlights & Fast Facts


Dayton is located in the center of the U.S. population and is central to the major United States markets. Our strategic location enables us to reach over 50% of the U.S. population and 55% of the purchasing power within 90 mins by air.

Total Land Area

The Dayton Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) is 2,535 square miles and the city of Dayton is 55.7 square miles.


The Dayton MSA population was 1,634,706 in 2005 and the city of Dayton was 158,873.


The average household size was 2.30 and the average family size was 3.04.


The household incomes in the Dayton area are above the Ohio and national median average. The median effective buying income in 2006 was $47,638.

Average Cost of Living Index

In 2005 it was 92.6.


More than 900 churches of all denominations are represented.

Higher Education

26 institutions of higher learning are located within Dayton including medical, law and engineering schools.


Dayton International Airport has over 100 daily arrivals and departures servicing all the major airlines. Additionally, Dayton/Montgomery County offers (2) The Dayton-Wright Brothers Airport and Moraine AirPark, smaller airports for private use.


Dayton Dragons - Cincinnati Reds (a) affiliate
Dayton Bombers - (aa) Hockey League
Dayton Marshals - National Indoor Football League


Newspaper - Dayton Daily News and more than 20 suburban newspapers
TV - Six major networks and cable systems and community access channels
Radio - 17 radio stations with various formats


The Dayton MSA unemployment rate was 5.5% in 2005 below both the Ohio rate of 5.9% and the U.S. rate of 5.6%.


Ten hospitals in the region received 5-star ratings for areas of specialty. 15 medical facilities in the Dayton Region (including hospitals).


Just a few of Dayton's Inventors?

Vincent C. Apple - Isolated home/farm electric lighting system
John Balsley - Stepladder
Rufus Currier Bossard - Photoelectric cell, the black light
John Birden and Kenneth Jordan - Radioisotopic thermoelectric generator for spacecraft
Frank Caldwell - Controller pitch propeller
Carl Carlson - Microfiche
Dr. William Hale Church - Cellophane tape
E.R. Churchwell - Collapsible portable crib
Leland Clark - Human heart-lung machine
Luzern Custer - Motorized wheelchair
Tom Edwards - Walker attachment for wheelchairs
E.T. Fraze - Pull tab and pop top beverage cans
Arthur Frei - Ice cube tray with ejector mechanism
Harvey Dunn Geyer - Automotive and refrigeration equipment
Lt. Colonel Roger Gounard - Smart fan, operates based on change in temperature
Barret Green - Micro-encapsulation
Wayne Hardy - Goniometer, measures location of thalamus for surgery
Max Isaacson - Manually operated External Heart Machine and Expiratory Valve
John Janning - Liquid crystal alignment methodology
C. Francis Jenkins - Movie projector, movie camera, movie film and movie theatre
Warren Kampf - Multiple array continuous ink jet printer
Charles F. Kettering - Automobile self-starter and over 300 patents
F.D. Klein - 100 octane aviation fuel
Fred Kohnle - Price tag affixing machine
Geoggrey Kruesi - Directional compass with dual radio beam triangulation system
Maurice Krug - Space food
Sidney Lambden - Flexible radiator hoses and wire impregnated sweeper hoses
William Lear - Learmatic electrostatic gyroscope
George Leland - Lighted scoreboard, Leland refractor, rotary and lincar solenoid
E.F. McDonald - Incentive stamps
William McHose - Steel furnace
Alfred Mellowes - Self-contained refrigerator
Thomas Midgely - Ethyl loaded gasoline
John Morton - Parking meters
Dr. Sanford Moss - Airplane supercharger
Tom Payne - Official building mail chutes
Dr. Jerrold Petrofsky - Electrically stimulated ambulatory motion
James Ritty - Cash register
Daniel Webster Schaeffer - Gas masks
Henry Seeler - Portable breathing resuscitator
Albert Smith - Parachute
John P. Tytus - Process of continuous rolling of wide strip steel manufacturing
Orville and Wilbur Wright - Airplane, controls for rudder, elevator, wing lift shape

Other Dayton Inventions: airplane ejection seats, artificial heart and kidney, automobile airbags, bionic organs, blind solo flight, carbonless paper, chrome plating, computerized aircraft loading system, computing scale for butchers and grocers, filter cigarettes, frost proof freezer, fuzz buster, glass photographic negatives, ice-cream cone, instant blood-glucose level testing, lighting system, mood rings, night serial photography, nuclear powered pacemaker, quick process malleable iron, room air conditioner, solenoid, double glass windows, laser weapons, liberty engine and fixed focus headlights.

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