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ASLSP in 75 minutes

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cut out of the score


The play will be performed over 639 years. This is because in the year 1361 (639 years ago counting from the year 2000) Nicolaus Faber finished building his famous organ. The begin of the play is on September 5th 2001, Cages 85th birthday. The duration of one part of the production is 71 years, because ORGAN 2/ASLSP consists of 8 parts and one is being repeated (639/9=71). The performance starts with the first part. The remaining parts, the repeated part and the time of the replay are still to be determined. The smallest unit is one month. Each determined tone change takes place on the 5th day of the relevant month. The zero point on the staves is not the end of the clef, but the beginning of the long lines in the second staves of each part. Recommendation: Length 1 month, quarter-note staccato: length 2 months, quarter-note without staccato: length 4 months. The outcomes take place in certain margins, which result from impartial problems with the accurat measurement. The calculation is based on the first calculation of Christoph Bossert/ Andrea Dubrauszky and Jakob Hinz/ Rainer O. Neugebauer. Mr Bossert and Mr Neugebauer adjusted the calculation one more time on November 19th, 2004. On the same day the calculation was discussed and finalized by the curatorship of the John Cage foundation. Therewith it replaces the previously valid calculation. Part of the calculation is the aggrandized score with its monthly and yearly bars. To understand how difficult the exact calculation is, the following perception could be helpful: The original score (8 parts and 1 repetition) stringed together is about 4,07m long. The debut performance by Gerd Zacher (the play is dedicated to him) lasted 29 minutes in Metz in the year 1987. Projected to 639 years, the score would be about 47.135, 5 km long (that would be a scale of about 1:11,5 Mio). That means 1 month (assuming 639 years) would match a little bit more than 2 seconds (assuming 29 minutes). So the correct measurement and drafting of the monthly bars on the score in relationship to the right drafting of the notes play an important role.