Ackworth Quaker School Timeline

1757 Seaton's farm purchased
1763 West wing built. Turret clock on East wing
1765 Colonnades added (single storey)
1773 Foundling hospital closed

1778 Buildings bought by Society of Friends
1786 Shed Court formed by the building of stone shed
1793 Construction of flagged path from centre library to great garden
1796 School library in present Centre Library
1803 Outbreak of malignant (scarlet fever, 200 pupils affected 7 deaths, 44 children removed School fumigated and repainted
1806 13 children atAckworth inoculated with Jenner's vaccine
1810 School rooms first heated by steam pipes
1812 Principle of fulling mill adopted for school laundry
1819 Construction of 'light and airy' rooms (cells for recalcitrant scholars, abolished 1848)
1820 Leather breeches abolished as school uniform, replaced by corduroys
1821 Water supply improved by deepening well in Bell Close
1823 School visited by Duke of Gloucester
1 828 Further outbreak of fever
1830 Wooden trenchers abolished
1831 Use of climbing boys to clean chimneys forbidden at A ckworth school (National Act 1875)
1831-2 'Malignant' fever, 203 pupils affected, 3 deaths
1835 Table beer abolished in school dining rooms (allowance had been girls 3/4 pint, boys 1 pint)
1841-2 Improvements in west (girls') wing New dining room, dormitory lecture hall washroom (lecture hall in present W Wing dining room)
1845 Written examinations introduced
1847 Meeting house built Level of East Wing roof raised 4~5 feet School terrace houses, vestibule, shoemakers' and tailors' shops constructed (Tailor's passage)
Annual holiday introduced
1851 Extension to girls' wing, West Wing roof raised to level of East Wing
1854-6 Warm baths constructed for pupils
1856 Second storey to colonnades
1861 Present cupola clock installed
1863 Improvements to new water works
1864 Double beds abolished on boys' side
1870-1 Non Friend children admitted as pupils
1876 Boys' wash rooms over tailor's shop Christmas holiday introduced as a trial measure, made permanent after 7878
1877 Frederick Andrews appointed
1879 Centenary
1881 First science laboratory in East Wing
1882 Old Scholars' Association formed
1882-3 Introduction of Wednesday half holiday
1883 Music included in curriculum
1884 A E Binyon scored first century for Ackworth in outside cricket match
1894 New boys' workshop constructed on site of garden plots
1896 'Non Sibi Sed Omnibus' adopted as school motto. Badsworth run inaugurated
1898 Swimming bath roofed, relined, reheated
1899 Electric light installed. Fothergill Hall built
1902 Institution of entrance examination. Nursery built
1903 General Meeting adopts three term system. School went on holiday at Easter for the first time in 1904
1906 Sixth form started on boys' side. Old art studio built
1907 Ackworth pupils take matriculation exam
1911 New science block and gymnasium
1920 Frederick Andrews retired (died 1922)
1923 First wireless receiving set at Ackworth
1928 Concert broadcast from Fothergill Hall
1930 Armitage gates presented
1931 'Area' opened up
1936 Library built to replace Centre Library
1937 Beginning or annual Quaker pilgrimage Co-educational junior form established on experimental basis
1946 Co-education established throughout the school
1955 Andrew's Wing built (large classroom block)
1966 Great garden landscaped (previously fruit and vegetable garden)
1968 Coram Junior boys' house opened
1975 New science wing. Complete reconstruction of swimming bath
1976 Bottom storey of east wing converted to art/craft centre. Shed court adapted to enclose rooms for technical drawing and societv work (Design Centre Award)
1977 Upper storey of East Wing converted to library Former library refitted to form Upper VI studies
1978 (New Years Day) Hall and staircase of Ackworth House gutted by fire Sept, Ackworth House restored and reoccupied

1759-62 Centre block constructed

1859 New swimming bath constructed