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Haceby Map
Haceby is a tiny shrunken village, with no buildings of this century, apart from the inevitable farm sheds. Now it comprises only the church and Moat Farm, with two inhabited cottages. The remaining buildings are empty and unused. The narrow road winds through the village seeming almost like a private drive.

This settlement stands on rising ground, and from the village are wide views of open countryside, rolling fields and hedges; small copses; tranquil untroubled views.
Near the church is a small informal green area and a grassy path leads to the churchyard. Beside the path is a small slightly sunken village pond.
Haceby, like nearby Newton, is part of the Welby estate. As a closed estate village it has not therefore been developed.

The name like so many in this area derives from the Old Norse, and comes from the personal name Haddr. In the Domesday Book it was called Hazebi.

This is a good village to see unaltered traditional farm buildings, in stone with pantile roofs. There is a lovely simple cart shed in a field opposite to the green. The pantile roof has a gentle sag as it spans across the four open bays of the shed, divided by three sturdy timber posts. Too narrow and low for most modern machinery the cart shed was once an important structure wherein were housed the valuable and often nicely decorated wooden farm carts.
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