21st Century Skills

21st Century Skills

The Choices Program uses a problem-based approach to make complex international issues accessible and meaningful for students of diverse abilities and learning styles.

cuban missile crisis

The Cuban Missile Crisis

Using declassified documents and other primary sources, students explore the dynamics of the Cold War and step into the shoes of President Kennedy's ExComm during the crisis.

Haitian Revolution

The Middle East

Drawing on maps, literature, cartoons, primary sources, and simulations, students examine the history of U.S. involvement in the Middle East from 1900 to the present.



Through case studies, primary sources, and simulations, students trace the evolution of the international community's response to genocide and consider how to respond in the future.

Weimar Germany

Weimar Germany and the Rise of Hitler

Using political posters, songs, art and literature as well as laws and speeches, students recreate the moment of the Reichstag elections in July 1932 and consider its legacy.

French Revolution

French Revolution

Using readings, primary sources, role-plays, and simulations, students consider the issues facing France at a time of social and political upheaval.

Human Rights

Human Rights

Students use readings, case studies, primary sources, and simulations to examine the role that human rights has played in international politics and explore the current debate on U.S. policy.

New Resources


Russia's Transformation

Students examine the long history of U.S.-Russia relations and consider the Obama administration's "reset" of U.S. policy towards Russia.

Scholars Online

International Trade Videos

NEW VIDEOS - Watch supplemental videos to International Trade in which students consider the policy choices facing the United States.

The Cold War

The Cold War

NEW EDITION - Drawing on primary sources, statistics, and selected biographies, students engage in the national debate on the U.S. role in the world in 1946.

Scholars Online

Immigration Videos

NEW VIDEOS - Watch supplemental videos to U.S. Immigration Policy in which students explore immigration trends and foreign policy.

Middle East
Teaching with the News

Protest, Revolution, & Change

This free lesson helps students analyze the potential effects of the protests on democracy and stability in the Middle East and North Africa.

The Middle East
Teaching with the News

The Middle East After Mubarak

This free lesson helps students consider the implications of a leadership change in Egypt on the protests for democracy throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

Teaching with the news

The Lessons of Iraq

In this one-day activity students examine and assess four different perspectives on what lessons the United States should draw from its experience in Iraq.

be the change
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