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Interview with Contra Info about the Anarchist Struggle in Greece.

dj questionmark talks with people from the anarchist language translating collective Contra Info. This was a collaborative effort between DJs at pirate radio stations Athens Free Radio 98fm and Free Radio Olympia 98.5fm.

The discussion covers many topics of interest to anarchists and others in the social struggle. Such as, building and maintaining revolutionary infrastructure, opposing neo-nazis and nationalism, immigrant solidarity, political and social prisoner solidarity, the uprising in 2008, general strikes, general assemblies and neighborhood meetings, and much more. We also talk about the anarchist movement and prison struggles in the US. Most importantly you get to hear voices from the uncompromising and unflinching spirit of anarchism in Greece.

Download at: (86.8 mb)

2 hours 13 minutes
Audio recorded June 27, 2011 at Athens Free Radio 98fm
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Interview with Michael Novick on Anti-Racism and Decolonizing

Recorded at Free Radio Olympia by dj questionmark June 20, 2011

Download at: (7.9 mb 34 minutes)

Michael Novick of Anti-Racist Action LA and People Against Racist Terror (ARA-LA/PART) talks about anti-racist work and dismantling colonialism. Novick connects different social justice issues and explains how everyone has a stake in the struggle for human liberation. He also lays out the historical progression of settler colonialism in the western United States and how important it is today for people to be self-critical of an internal colonization that misleads people into identifying with their own oppressor. Novick’s approach to community organizing recognizes a common humanity that includes building alliances, self-determination and developing a “total politics” that include all oppressed people and groups.

Visit for more info about Anti-Racist Action

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Interview with Paul Wright of Prison Legal News

Recorded May 30, 2011 by dj questionmark at Free Radio Olympia
Download at:
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Audio from the 2011 Tacoma Leonard Peltier Clemency Rally

Download at: (1 hour and 3 minutes long, 46.8 mb mp3)

Listen to Native elders talk about the struggle to free Leonard Peltier. Chauncey Peltier, Leonard's son, speaks about his dad. More speeches by Leonard's supporters were recorded at the rally held in front of the Federal Courthouse in downtown Tacoma.

Recorded by dj questionmark May 21, 2011 in Tacoma WA

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Southern Skies on FRO

Joe and Kendl play a few songs on the radio (22 minutes, 22 mb)

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Olympia Peace Activist talks about Challenging Abusive Conditions in the Olympia City Jail

Download at: (27.8 mb mp3 30 minutes and 56 seconds)

Interview recorded at Free Radio Olympia by dj Questionmark on May 2, 2011

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Radio Interview with Sac Prisoner Support about Eric McDavid

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Radio Interview with Tre Arrow

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Interview with Chapel Hill Prison Books Collective

Interview recorded at Free Radio Olympia by DJ Questionmark on April 18, 2011 21 mins 20 seconds MP3 (18.5 mb) Download at: Interview with Monica of the Chapel Hill, NC Prison Books Collective. Monica talks about prison abolition and transtorative justice as an alternative to the prison system. She describes the collective's effort to send books and zines to prisoners in the Southeast US, political prisoner writing nights and maintaining a zine catalog of radical literature. The group publishes monthly political prisoner birthday posters for over a year that are free on the internet to download. The posters encourage people to write to political prisoners on their birthday.

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Interview with Denver Anarchist Black Cross

This interview was recorded at Free Radio Olympia by DJ Questionmark on April 18, 2011

12 mins 45 Seconds MP3 audio

Download at:

Interview with Whitney from Denver Anarchist Black Cross about the group, movement defense and the many mutual aid programs they have started. Whitney talks about the updated political prisoner database, the war chest program that raises funds for political prisoner's basic needs, the mutual aid fund where local people get emergency loans for basic needs, the Nurturing Liberation program that provides free childcare, political prisoner writing nights and more.

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Radio Interview on the North West Detention Center

Interview with Francine and Clere about the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma WA. They talk about the private immigration center as a source of revenue for the city and profits for private investors. They also talk about how current immigration policy detains people not convicted of a crime. Resisting the detention center, they explain, is part of a greater struggle to abolish national boundaries and prisons. 

A conference called "No Border! No Nation! Stop Deportation!" happens Saturday April 23 in Tacoma.

Visit for more info.

This interview was recorded at Free Radio Olympia by dj questionmark on April 18, 2011

Download at:

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Radio Interview With Susan Morales on the Struggle to Free Leonard Peltier

Interview with long time indigenous activist Susan Morales on the struggle to free Leonard Peltier.

Download at: (31.9 mb)

A NW regional march and rally for Leonard Peltier will take place May 21, 2011 in Tacoma WA.

This interview was recorded at Free Radio Olympia on April 11, 2011 by dj Questionmark

Susan talks about the days of the Seattle AIM House and what Leonard was like before he was a political prisoner.

The audio is rough in the first 4 minutes.

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Liberation Radio Report March 28

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