Dear Fellow Dungeon Prowlers

I hope you, at least, are enjoying spring. Spring cleaning is lots of work. I have now single-paddedly reorganised the dungeon galleries, and the majority of all art pieces should be in their proper places. However, there are a few pieces I believe would be particularly conspicuous in their absence, which is why I will helpfully link you to them right here: the Big Damn Anvil and the Big Damn Emotional Journey pics.

Drooling on the art is strictly prohibited. (I will cut you!)

Dusty sweepy wipey swipey

Spring has come early to the Art Dungeon and the spring cleaning is in full swing. Mind the buckets and the wet patches on the floor and you should be fine, but a few art pieces may be unavailable at the moment.

Don’t you go touch anything that’s already been cleaned! No fingerprints on Ron.

Ron with his kids

A snapshot of the next generation, commissioned by Bill: Ron with his kids

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

divinemum asked for a happy picture of Hermione and Ginny during their seventh year at Hogwarts for her daughters, whom she calls “Hermione” and “Ginny” on her blog. I loved this request because it was a fun opportunity to show Hermione and Ginny being carefree and just being the teenage girls they are (and finally get to be now that Voldie got PWNED). So this one’s for “Hermione” and “Ginny” and Hermione and Ginny:

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

PS: There are some glitches on the website but eventually I’ll get around to fixing those. Once I figure them out, that is…

Long time, no update…

…and I apologise for the delay, which was mostly due to lack of time and some technical issues.¬†Here you have today’s updates:

Second Kiss
Harry and Ginny by the lake
Brotherly Embrace V2.0
Granger-Weasleys (Epilogue)

Hopefully the next updates will go more smoothly. Those who have e-mailed me in the past months and haven’t got a reply yet– er, I seem to have emptied my entire inbox a few weeks ago by mistake. Feel free to e-mail me again if your message required an answer. Sorry!