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Michele Bachmann for President: A Constitutional Conservative Choice in 2012

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Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain.

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Husband, father, grandfather, citizen, small businessman, author, former Speaker, candidate for president.

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Karen and I have 7 children; Congressman PA-18, 1991-95;Senator from Pennsylvania 1995-2007; Fellow @ Ethics&PublicPolicyCenter;

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2012 Presidential Candidate and former Governor of New Mexico

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Candidate for President - - ; U.S. Rep. for Michigan's 11th District; & erstwhile guitar player.
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The debate has concluded. All tweets from the debate are available in time order below, and the most popular tweets from the public are available on the right.

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secupp S.E. Cupp (Follow)
Welcome all to the first ever Twitter Pres debate! I want to thank the candidates for participating in this historic moment. @140townhall
secupp S.E. Cupp (Follow)
It's an honor to be your moderator today. We'll begin with opening statements. @TeamBachmann, please take the floor. @140townhall
TeamBachmann Michele Bachmann (Follow)
.@140townhall TY for this forum.  I'm running 4 POTUS 2 bring the voice of the people back to DC.  That voice requires fundamental changes.
TeamBachmann Michele Bachmann (Follow)
.@140townhall Fundamental change in how we spend #taxpayer $, & return to constitutional principles of ltd govt and personal responsibility
TeamBachmann Michele Bachmann (Follow)
.@140townhall Obama failed. With ur help we can return the people's voice to the WH, restore fiscal sanity, & make Obama a 1 term president.
secupp S.E. Cupp (Follow)
Thank you @TeamBachmann. @newtgingrich, please go ahead with your opening statement. @140townhall
newtgingrich Newt Gingrich (Follow)
As conservatives we know replacing a Dem w/ a Repub is not enough to return America back to job creation and balanced budgets. @140townhall
newtgingrich Newt Gingrich (Follow)
If I am elected the next time a president says the era of big govt is over…he’ll mean it. My intro vid
secupp S.E. Cupp (Follow)
Thank you @newtgingrich. Next up, @ThadMcCotter, please go ahead with your opening statement. @140townhall
ThadMcCotter Thaddeus McCotter (Follow)
.@140townhall Our American Dream is endangered. America's dismantling. Abroad, our troops fight terrorists & tyrants; Iran goes nuclear;
ThadMcCotter Thaddeus McCotter (Follow)
.@140townhall& communist China claims the 21st Century. At home, R 14 mil unemployed; 30+ mil underemployed; inflation up; real wages down.
ThadMcCotter Thaddeus McCotter (Follow)
.@140townhall Big Gov’t & Big Biz claim they are bigger than We, the People. And we wonder if we matter anymore. You matter more than ever!
THEHermanCain Herman Cain (Follow)
@140townhall It's great to join you all in this debate of ideas. Tea Partiers & all conservatives deserve to hear what our candidates think.
THEHermanCain Herman Cain (Follow)
@140townhall My 40-year record as a job creator & a solutions-oriented leader makes me a unique & qualified candidate to be America’s CEO.
THEHermanCain Herman Cain (Follow)
@140townhall I appreciate the opportunity to communicate directly with the citizens’ movement. Thanks Rusty & S.E. for moderating this event
RickSantorum Rick Santorum (Follow)
@140townhall Great to be w @thetea Party_net. I am running for pres because Obamacare threatens the soul of America - God given liberty.
secupp S.E. Cupp (Follow)
Thank you @THEHermanCain. Next up, @RickSantorum please go ahead with your opening statement. @140townhall
RickSantorum Rick Santorum (Follow)
.@140townhall In 2008 Americans voted for a pres they thought they could be in, I will be a president who believes in you, the people
secupp S.E. Cupp (Follow)
Thank you @RickSantorum. Now @GovGaryJohnson, please finish us up with your opening statement. @140townhall
RickSantorum Rick Santorum (Follow)
.@140townhall and i have a record in DC to back it up. please watch:
GovGaryJohnson Gov Gary Johnson (Follow)
I'm Gary Johnson former two-term Republican governor of New Mexico. @140townhall
GovGaryJohnson Gov Gary Johnson (Follow)
In office I vetoed 750 bills, cut taxes 14 times & left the state with a $1 billion budget surplus: @140townhall
GovGaryJohnson Gov Gary Johnson (Follow)
To learn more about me watch my YouTube video “Who is Gary Johnson� & vis
secupp S.E. Cupp (Follow)
Thanks, candidates. And apologies for slow updates. The site has (happily) been inundated. That concludes opening statements. @140townhall
secupp S.E. Cupp (Follow)
Now, our general questions. This is to all of you. You'll have 5 minutes to respond. @140townhall
secupp S.E. Cupp (Follow)
Question 1: As president, how will you avoid continually raising the debt ceiling? @140townhall
newtgingrich Newt Gingrich (Follow)
We don’t need Obama’s “balanced approach” (code for raise taxes). We need a balanced @140townhalltownhall
RickSantorum Rick Santorum (Follow)
.@140townhall Pass the Balanced Budget Amendment and work for its ratification across the country!
GovGaryJohnson Gov Gary Johnson (Follow)
By not incurring more debt! I’d submit 2 Congress a balanced budget in 2013, & veto any appropriation that exceeds that budget@140townhallll
THEHermanCain Herman Cain (Follow)
@140townhall As President, I would focus on restructuring entitlement programs instead of reshuffling them.
TeamBachmann Michele Bachmann (Follow)
.@140townhall Only way to avoid future increases is fund. change the way we spend. We must #cutcapbalance and repeal Obamacare.
ThadMcCotter Thaddeus McCotter (Follow)
.@140townhall cut, cap & balance is the immediate solution to prevent a recurrence of the debt mess. The long term solution is not to simply
TeamBachmann Michele Bachmann (Follow)
.@140townhall As then Sen. Obama said in '06, raising #debtceiling is a failure of leadership. Need real spending reform not empty promises.
TeamBachmann Michele Bachmann (Follow)
.@140townhall Lesson of '82 and '90 is promised #spending cuts never last while higher taxes persist.  No more biz as usual.  No debt hike.
newtgingrich Newt Gingrich (Follow)
When you balance the budget there is no need to raise the debt ceiling. I am the only candidate who has balanced the budget. @140townhall
THEHermanCain Herman Cain (Follow)
@140townhall I support personalization accounts as an alternative for younger works to invest in. It worked in Chile and Galveston, Texas.
THEHermanCain Herman Cain (Follow)
@140townhall I would make targeted cuts to federal spending with vertical & horizontal cuts across many programs, as I did in business.
RickSantorum Rick Santorum (Follow)
.@140townhall DC doesn't work we need to impose discipline on politicians who want to buy their reelection with your $. BBA is the only way
ThadMcCotter Thaddeus McCotter (Follow)
.@140townhall restructure Big Gov’t into self-gov’t 4 the 21st Century. All else is 2 but parley amidst the ruins of the Welfare State.
newtgingrich Newt Gingrich (Follow)
Balance budget again by growing economy, cutting spending and reforming govt. That’s how we did it before. We CAN do it again@140townhallll
secupp S.E. Cupp (Follow)
Follow up: So, you all support balancing the budget! But what entitlements would you go after? @140townhall
RickSantorum Rick Santorum (Follow)
.@140townhall I am the only candidate that wrote & helped pass a bill (welfare) that actually ended a fed entitlement w D votes. Leadership!
GovGaryJohnson Gov Gary Johnson (Follow)
@140townhall Medicaid and Medicare and reforming Social Security
newtgingrich Newt Gingrich (Follow)
Block grant Medicaid and send it back to the states as Cong. Paul Ryan suggested. @140townhall
TeamBachmann Michele Bachmann (Follow)
.@140townhall #Obamacare, the largest entitlement and spending program in our country's history
RickSantorum Rick Santorum (Follow)
.@140townhall I was the1st cand to embrace the Ryan plan w/o exception.Send Medicaid,Food Stamps & other means tested entitlements 2 states.
secupp S.E. Cupp (Follow)
That's five minutes. On to the next general question. @140townhall
newtgingrich Newt Gingrich (Follow)
Also, as recent videos show, fraud in Medicaid and Medicare are rampant. We should stop paying the crooks. @140townhall
THEHermanCain Herman Cain (Follow)
@140townhall I would focus on major entitlement reform. This would focus on programs similar to Social Security.
RickSantorum Rick Santorum (Follow)
.@140townhall And of course repeal Obamacare before it does even more damage to our economy and our freedom
secupp S.E. Cupp (Follow)
Question 2: How do you weigh the cost of fighting the war on terror against the exploding debt crisis? @140townhall
TeamBachmann Michele Bachmann (Follow)
.@140townhall I support DOD efficiency but defense spending did not cause our budget crisis & we must maintain our military strength.
THEHermanCain Herman Cain (Follow)
@140townhall National security and protecting our borders from foreign invaders is something we as a nation really can’t put a price on.
newtgingrich Newt Gingrich (Follow)
Exploding debt crisis b/c of exploding politician spending in Washington, not b/c of national security @140townhall
GovGaryJohnson Gov Gary Johnson (Follow)
@140townhall The debt is the greatest threat to national security we face today.
ThadMcCotter Thaddeus McCotter (Follow)
.@140townhall I reject the premise of the question,4 it's a corollary 2 the Left's inane "peace dividend" trope of the 90s. The current fisc
TeamBachmann Michele Bachmann (Follow)
.@140townhall Our security requires a strong defense and wise leadership. I will preserve our #military strength while using it judiciously.
THEHermanCain Herman Cain (Follow)
@140townhall Mounting deficit spending is a concern, but this spending is necessary for all Americans to enjoy our freedoms and liberties.
GovGaryJohnson Gov Gary Johnson (Follow)
@140townhall Besides, we do not need 60-100k troops in Afghan and Iraq to protect ourselves. Nor do we need nation-building.
newtgingrich Newt Gingrich (Follow)
We spend less on defense today as % of GDP than at any time since Pearl Harbor @140townhall
THEHermanCain Herman Cain (Follow)
@140townhall As president, I'd support any cuts to wasteful spending in the military, but nothing more. Military is key to US safety.
TeamBachmann Michele Bachmann (Follow)
.@140townhall We must reserve #military force for situations where we've been attacked, are threatened, or have vital interests at stake.
RickSantorum Rick Santorum (Follow)
.@140townhall The 1st priority of the fed govt is to keep Am safe. I would not cut def - freeze it, cut waste & plow savings back into Def.
ThadMcCotter Thaddeus McCotter (Follow)
.@140townhall implosion was caused by welfare state spending on favored constituencies, not by our army securing liberty. Where there’s no
newtgingrich Newt Gingrich (Follow)
Controlling the border and defending America are job 1 under the Constitution. @140townhall
secupp S.E. Cupp (Follow)
Quick follow up: Would any of you have gone into Libya? @140townhall
RickSantorum Rick Santorum (Follow)
.@140townhall We need to focus our military on OUR nat. security not UN or humanitarian efforts, the first being to defend our borders
TeamBachmann Michele Bachmann (Follow)
.@140townhall No. There is no vital US interest in #Libya. Worse, we might be aiding terrorist groups by supporting the Libyan opposition.
ThadMcCotter Thaddeus McCotter (Follow)
.@140townhall security,there’s no prosperity.But peril,appeasement &servility; are not our fate.Liberty,security & prosperity are our future.
THEHermanCain Herman Cain (Follow)
@140townhall I've said many times before that US intervention in Lybia is inappropriate and wrong. The US does not belong in this war.
THEHermanCain Herman Cain (Follow)
@140townhall Pres. Obama did not make it clear what our mission was in Libya, what the American interests were or what victory looks like.
newtgingrich Newt Gingrich (Follow)
Not with conventional forces. @140townhall
THEHermanCain Herman Cain (Follow)
@140townhall we cannot risk our treasury or national treasures (brave men & women in uniform) without knowing those answers.
ThadMcCotter Thaddeus McCotter (Follow)
.@140townhall The Admin. shouldn’t have commenced its ill-defined Libya mission; however once committed,we can’t abruptly withdraw & further
RickSantorum Rick Santorum (Follow)
.@140townhall I would not go anywhere unless our nat security was at stake. It seems clear that was not the case.
ThadMcCotter Thaddeus McCotter (Follow)
.@140townhall harm our diminishing cred in the world. Now, in solely a support role 2 prevent further involvement - no US boots on ground
secupp S.E. Cupp (Follow)
Great. That's 5 minutes. Question 3: Can a president create jobs without expanding the role of the federal government? @140townhall
GovGaryJohnson Gov Gary Johnson (Follow)
@140townhall Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya - Get out now!
ThadMcCotter Thaddeus McCotter (Follow)
.@140townhall Unlike the incumbent, we know a Pres only "creates jobs" in the bloated & imploding pub. sector. Thus, we must restructure Big
THEHermanCain Herman Cain (Follow)
@140townhall The opposite is necessary: the president must make the government smaller and reduce regulations on businesses.
RickSantorum Rick Santorum (Follow)
.@140townhall the federal govt kills jobs!
ThadMcCotter Thaddeus McCotter (Follow)
.@140townhall Gov’t into self-gov’t 2 match our consumer driven-econ; restructure the failed Wall St. bailout banks; pass tax & regulatory
newtgingrich Newt Gingrich (Follow)
My Jobs and Prosperity Plan: No tax increase, 100% expensing, reduce business tax to 12.5%, eliminate cap gains & death tax @140townhall
GovGaryJohnson Gov Gary Johnson (Follow)
@140townhall As I proved in NM, govt creates jobs by reducing its role, not expanding it. Get govt out of the way.
THEHermanCain Herman Cain (Follow)
@140townhall Government doesn’t create jobs. Businesses create jobs. Government needs to get out the way.
newtgingrich Newt Gingrich (Follow)
(cont.) Audit & reform Fed Reserve; repeal Dodd-Frank, Sarbanes Oxley, Comm Reinvestment Act; break up Freddie and Fannie @140townhall
ThadMcCotter Thaddeus McCotter (Follow)
.@140townhall reform; enact an all of the above energy plan; & enforce our trade rights against unfair foreign competition, ie. comst China
TeamBachmann Michele Bachmann (Follow)
.@140townhall Yes 3 priorities. Attract #jobs by cutting job creator #taxes. Keep $ in pvt sector by reducing govt #spend. Simplify tax code
newtgingrich Newt Gingrich (Follow)
(cont.) Repeal & replace Obamacare and fully develop American energy. These would all create jobs by REDUCING govt. @140townhall
TeamBachmann Michele Bachmann (Follow)
.@140townhall 4 small biz: repeal the death tax, increase access to capital by repealing Frank-Dodd, & repeal #Obamacare to reduce HC costs.
THEHermanCain Herman Cain (Follow)
@140townhall Lower top corp. and personal tax rates to a MAX 25%. And most importantly, make them permanent! Uncertainty kills the economy.
RickSantorum Rick Santorum (Follow)
.@140townhall We don't need more programs & bureaucrats telling business how to operate.I believe in free people to grow r economy not govt.
TeamBachmann Michele Bachmann (Follow)
.@140townhall Govt overregulation is the single biggest #jobs killer. The 3 biggest offenders are the EPA, #Obamacare, & Frank-Dodd.
GovGaryJohnson Gov Gary Johnson (Follow)
@140townhall Gov't can create certainty. Something that is completly lacking at the moment.
RickSantorum Rick Santorum (Follow)
.@140townhall i proposed gettting Am making things again. A 0% corp tax rate on all manufacturing, cut regulations and drill for oil and gas
GovGaryJohnson Gov Gary Johnson (Follow)
@140townhall Eliminate the cooperate income tax completely and adopt what is being called the Fair Tax: a one time federal consumption tax.
secupp S.E. Cupp (Follow)
Question 4: As Pres, if you could enact any policy to fix the economy w/o congressional approval what would it be? Be specific. @140townhall
TeamBachmann Michele Bachmann (Follow)
.@140townhall Repeal Obamacare. It's estimated to cost 800,000 jobs, is a small biz killer, and unconstitutional.
TeamBachmann Michele Bachmann (Follow)
.@140townhall I will not rest until Obamacare is repealed. You can take it to the bank.
TeamBachmann Michele Bachmann (Follow)
.@140townhall We need the govt to get out of the way and increase incentives for competition in the private markets.
RickSantorum Rick Santorum (Follow)
.@140townhall Refuse to spend the money to implement Obamacare
GovGaryJohnson Gov Gary Johnson (Follow)
@140townhall Change regulatory & enforcement policies that are preventing common-sense energy dev. Millions of jobs would be created.
newtgingrich Newt Gingrich (Follow)
I wouldn’t even if I could b/c congressional passage offers legitimacy of the consent of the governed to the law.@140townhallll
GovGaryJohnson Gov Gary Johnson (Follow)
@140townhall Many other regulatory approaches can be changed as well to create certainty for the private sector.
THEHermanCain Herman Cain (Follow)
@140townhall As President, I would reduce the regulatory authority of executive agencies in order to ease burdens on businesses.
newtgingrich Newt Gingrich (Follow)
Big impact can be made with executive orders though. I would stop EPA from regulating carbon & abolish all White House Czars. @140townhall
RickSantorum Rick Santorum (Follow)
.@140townhall I would freeze all Obama regulations in process and overturn any antibusiness executive order
THEHermanCain Herman Cain (Follow)
@140townhall I would limit the EPA, Department of Energy and other executive agencies from getting in the way of businesses.
GovGaryJohnson Gov Gary Johnson (Follow)
@140townhall As Gov. of NM I had the best jobs record of anyone candidate, but didn't claim to creating one job. Govt does not create jobs.
RickSantorum Rick Santorum (Follow)
.@140townhall I would tell the businesses around the world America is open for business and you have a president who wants you here!
ThadMcCotter Thaddeus McCotter (Follow)
@140townhall A Prez must not infringe upon the Constitutionally prescribed pwrs of the separate,equal branch o gov,be it the Congress or the
secupp S.E. Cupp (Follow)
Thanks. Here comes the final general question, and then it's on to individual questions from the public. @140townhall
THEHermanCain Herman Cain (Follow)
@140townhall A President Cain would lower the regulations that the government puts on businesses and cut through all possible bureaucracy.
secupp S.E. Cupp (Follow)
Question 5: What role do you think the Tea Party will play in the 2012 elections? @140townhall
ThadMcCotter Thaddeus McCotter (Follow)
.@140townhall judiciary.2 rectify where this Prez has done so, his successor must end any & all attempts to enact cap/trade legislation thru
TeamBachmann Michele Bachmann (Follow)
.@140townhall As chair of the House #TEAPARTY Caucus, I know how positive an influence the TParty has been. They've held congress 2 account.
ThadMcCotter Thaddeus McCotter (Follow)
.@140townhall the bureaucracy;2 undermine DOMA thru Justice's arbitrary decision not 2 defend it; & 2 use taxpayers' $ for foreign abortions
TeamBachmann Michele Bachmann (Follow)
.@140townhall Despite media misrepresentations the #TEAPARTY represents all Americans; disaffected Dems, independents, libertarians, and GOP
RickSantorum Rick Santorum (Follow)
.@140townhall Hopefully as great as they did on the last election. Defending the constitution and limted govt. Thank you!!
ThadMcCotter Thaddeus McCotter (Follow)
.@140townhall The Tea Party's role remains 2 be determined - not by its members - but by the GOP's actions. If they honor the Tea Party's
TeamBachmann Michele Bachmann (Follow)
.@140townhall The #TEAPARTY will lead the fight 2 restore limited govt, repeal Obamacare, lower #spending & cut #taxes.
newtgingrich Newt Gingrich (Follow)
Tea Party will help prevent Republicans from making same mistakes of 2004 and 2006 & help elect conservative democrats. @140townhall
THEHermanCain Herman Cain (Follow)
@140townhall The Tea Party plays a large role in 2012 elections from the presidency to congress. It's a powerful voice in the conversation.
ThadMcCotter Thaddeus McCotter (Follow)
.@140townhall 2010 support by fighting 4 self-govt, liberty, prosperity & security,the TP will be a critical component of the GOP's victory
newtgingrich Newt Gingrich (Follow)
Most important role for tea party not in elections, but in developing local solutions as we move power out of Washington. @140townhall
THEHermanCain Herman Cain (Follow)
@140townhall It also plays a role in checking the powers within the Republican party and keeping us to our word on issues of the day.
GovGaryJohnson Gov Gary Johnson (Follow)
@140townhall By giving voice to millions of Americans who are not satisfied with the traditional parties.
ThadMcCotter Thaddeus McCotter (Follow)
.@140townhall coalition. If they do not, the TP could become a 3rd party, thereby cementing the Left's electoral victories 4 years 2 come.
THEHermanCain Herman Cain (Follow)
@140townhall The Tea Party is as strong as ever because folks are concerned, if not fearful, about our move from Constitutional gov’t.
GovGaryJohnson Gov Gary Johnson (Follow)
@140townhall And insuring that republicans who are nominated will be part of the solution, not the problem.
newtgingrich Newt Gingrich (Follow)
Permanently ending age of big govt will be hard work and require a team effort between federal, state & local govt. @140townhall
RickSantorum Rick Santorum (Follow)
.@140townhall The Tea Party is now the backbone of the conservative movement. It will help elect a principled conservative leader for 2012.
secupp S.E. Cupp (Follow)
Thanks, candidates. Now, it's on to individual questions from the public. @140townhall
secupp S.E. Cupp (Follow)
First to you, @newtgingrich from @WhitneyNeal: Many say Obama doesn't have a plan to deal with the debt. What's YOUR plan? @140townhall
secupp S.E. Cupp (Follow)
To you @RickSantorum from @David_Bossie. What would be your first executive order after the disastrous Obama presidency? @140townhall
RickSantorum Rick Santorum (Follow)
.@140townhall To suspend all spending on the implementation of Obamacare
newtgingrich Newt Gingrich (Follow)
Control spending. Put Americans back to work. Get back to a balanced budget as we did when I was Speaker. @140townhall @WhitneyNeal
secupp S.E. Cupp (Follow)
For you @TeamBachmann from @ljordan. Why isn't anyone talking about the 47% of Americans that don't pay taxes? @140townhall
newtgingrich Newt Gingrich (Follow)
.@Strong_America believes their program will save $500bil a year in federal spending. @140townhall @WhitneyNeal
secupp S.E. Cupp (Follow)
To you @ThadMcCotter from @TalktoRusy. Do you believe Obama is anti-Israel? @140townhall
TeamBachmann Michele Bachmann (Follow)
.@140townhall I am. Simple. Fair. Flat. Everyone should pay something.
secupp S.E. Cupp (Follow)
For you @THEHermanCain from @Dr_Straker: Do you have a plan to replace Obamacare, not just repeal it? @140townhall
ThadMcCotter Thaddeus McCotter (Follow)
.@140townhall His motivations are not the issue. The impact of his policies, both proposed and pursued, have strained our relationship w/
newtgingrich Newt Gingrich (Follow)
Fed govt pays at least $150bil a year to crooks. Any sound modern system would save at least $130bil/year. @140townhall @WhitneyNeal
secupp S.E. Cupp (Follow)
And to you @GovGaryJohnson from @StopBigLabor: Do you support NLRB recent actions against Boeing in SC? @140townhall
THEHermanCain Herman Cain (Follow)
@140townhall I wou promote a healthcare plan that would focus on controlling costs, and it would certainly allow individuals to choose Drs.
ThadMcCotter Thaddeus McCotter (Follow)
.@140townhall our dear ally, strategic partner, and fellow free nation Israel. Further, his failure to whole heartedly support freedom
THEHermanCain Herman Cain (Follow)
@140townhall A the private sector would be key in a Herman Cain healthcare plan. Governmental regulation is not the way.
GovGaryJohnson Gov Gary Johnson (Follow)
@140townhall Absolutely not. For as obsessed as the admin appears to be w/ creating jobs this is one more example of fewer jobs.
ThadMcCotter Thaddeus McCotter (Follow)
.@140townhall movements in Iran & Syria 2 topple the regimes haven't enhanced US or Israeli security or the hopes 4 peace.
secupp S.E. Cupp (Follow)
Thanks, candidates for answering public questions. Please now tweet your closing statements whenever ready. @140townhall
GovGaryJohnson Gov Gary Johnson (Follow)
@140townhall 1st, Thx for this debate. 2nd, 2012 is an opportunity for GOP 2 show we’re the party who’ll get our fiscal house in order...
THEHermanCain Herman Cain (Follow)
@140townhall We as a country have plenty to do before we can be on the right track again, and discussing our ideas moves us forward.
TeamBachmann Michele Bachmann (Follow)
.@140townhall I ask 4 ur vote as I try 2 return ur voice to DC.  If elected POTUS, I will represent u w/a titanium spine no matter the cost.
THEHermanCain Herman Cain (Follow)
@140townhall Check out Learn about my story, my proven record of job creation and my ideas to take back our government!
GovGaryJohnson Gov Gary Johnson (Follow)
@140townhall And actually reduce govt. Not just it’s cost, but its intrusion into our daily lives, our businesses, and our opportunities.
TeamBachmann Michele Bachmann (Follow)
.@140townhall  TY again for this debate. I'm humbled by the support of many fellow citizens and encouraged that America's best days r ahead.
ThadMcCotter Thaddeus McCotter (Follow)
.@140townhall Amidst these trials, we will strengthen freedom 4 future gens, b/c we Americans r at our best when challenged. We will rebuild
newtgingrich Newt Gingrich (Follow)
Thanks again @140townhall. Earlier I asked you to be “with me,” not “for me” b/c the presidency alone cannot solve America’s challenges.
THEHermanCain Herman Cain (Follow)
@140townhall The 2012 election will be a good year for the GOP, and I hope I can count on your support. We are America--God bless.
ThadMcCotter Thaddeus McCotter (Follow)
.@140townhall an America that works&inspire; the world w/ what free people can achieve.4 our exceptional America's strength&salvation; remains
newtgingrich Newt Gingrich (Follow)
Returning America back to job creation, balanced budgets & limited govt will be a team effort. Join that team at @140townhall
GovGaryJohnson Gov Gary Johnson (Follow)
.@140townhall What America needs and wants, is 4 govt to get out of the way, stop spending $ we don't have, & let us B free to prosper.
TeamBachmann Michele Bachmann (Follow)
.@140townhall In spite of the enormous challenges we face, I have faith that w/real leadership we will secure the promise for our future.
secupp S.E. Cupp (Follow)
It was an honor to be your moderator today at this historic event. @140townhall
ThadMcCotter Thaddeus McCotter (Follow)
.@140townhall the grace of God and the virtuous genius of her sovereign citizens - It remains you. And we start now!
RickSantorum Rick Santorum (Follow)
.@140townhall Thank you for this opportunity & 4 fghting for Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness. I wish the other candidates were here
newtgingrich Newt Gingrich (Follow)
If u have more questions, join my Google+ Hangout @ 8pm ET tonight. Leave a comment on my latest G+ post to participate @140townhall
secupp S.E. Cupp (Follow)
I want to congratulate you for recognizing the value of social media and its effect on the way we consume news. @140townhall
RickSantorum Rick Santorum (Follow)
.@140townhall Please join the fight to save our country at
secupp S.E. Cupp (Follow)
Thanks also to all our participants on Twitter. Your posts were insightful and creative! @140townhall
TeamBachmann Michele Bachmann (Follow)
.@140townhall To join Team Bachmann, please follow @TeamBachmann on Twitter and visit
secupp S.E. Cupp (Follow)
For anyone wondering how well this did, we averaged 180 tweets per minute, over 3800 mentions, and over 4500 RTs. @140townhall
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Thank you @secupp and @TalktoRusty for a terrific debate! @140townhall
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We'd like to thank the candidates who had the courage to participate in this historic debate. @140townhall
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Thank you to the public for joining us for the first of many Twitter Debates and Townhalls on @140townhall
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You can now see the full debate, from the start, on and the most popular tweets from the public! @140townhall
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I've enjoyed being a part of this historic debate. Excellent job everyone, THANK YOU!.@140townhall
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Thank you again @secupp and @TalktoRusty for moderating the debate! Great job! @140townhall
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Twitter Pres debate under way, @140townhall
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Republican presidential @140townhall Twitter debate begins at 3 p.m. ET -
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Today's @140townhall GOP Presidential Twitter debate won't let Newt Gingrich exploit his natural advantage in head size. #BOOM!
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GOP Twitter debate @ 3. Let them know we’re watching. As@140townhallll what candidates think o@theIOMOM rec to cove#birthcontrolol for free.
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#140townhall PLEASE RANK: Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse
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What do each of you feel is the tastiest part of the poor person? (Mine's the thigh!) @140townhall #140townhall
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.@140townhall I need to learn more about this Santorum fellow. Excuse me while I Google... Oh, Christ. THE HUMANITY.
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.@RickSantorum Show me on the doll where the high tax rates touched you. #TeaParty .@140debate
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#140townhall Thad McCotter's closing statement: "I am the first man to run for the presidency because of @greggutfeld. Thank you."
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@140townhall @secupp The Twitter debate was pretty cool!! I only wish it was longer (& candidates' tweets were grouped together)! Bravo!!
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He raised federal spending, raised taxes 11 times and the debt ceiling 16 times. So is Reagan: Socialist, Communist or Marxist? #140townhall
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If is running slowly for you, Follow the debate here: @HillStaffer/gop-twitter-debate @140townhall #140townhall
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.@140townhall I just have 1 question for all the GOP candidates: "How do you breathe under that steaming pile of bullshit?" #p2
This was nice, But Sarah Palin has my vote when she runs @140townhall
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@secupp @140townhall this was a great idea. For the first time maybe were changing the way people get information.
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"Be specific," @secupp asks @140townhall debate participant candidates, in 140 characters or less.
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@140townhall @THEHermanCain is batting 1000 in the twitter debate. lessons in common sense @CainStaff #teaparty #gop2012 #fairtax #aarp
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In between segments I'm keeping an eye on this @140townhall. Are you?
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@THEHermanCain killing it so far today in debate! Man has the answers, keep it up! @140townhall
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Can we talk about @140townhall 's profile picture? #1990called
@140townhall If a cartoon bird isn't the moderator, I will be extremely upset. #140townhall
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#TeaParty @140townhall at 3pm EST: Because the only way to make a political debate more pointless is to hold it on Twitter.
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@140townhall What is your stand on the Federal Reserve? Y would or wouldn't u audit?
Hey peeps! Did you know there's going to be a Tea Party twitter GOP Presidentianl debate? Yes indeed, Wed, 3PM @140townhall give a S/O
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@secupp thank you so much for holding the @140townhall, It was very creative and appreciated. Please hold another soon?
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#140townhall For all the candidates - Besides this debate, what's the most embarrassing thing you've ever done?
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Bwhaha! RT @TeamBachmann: .@140townhall Despite media misrepresentations the #TEAPARTY represents all Americans;
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RT @codechopper: This @140townhall is like watching people tweet from the 1920s
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.@140townhall I vote @GovGaryJohnson will win the Presidential Twitter Townhall on
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@140townhall-If you r a RINO (& u know who u r) We the People do not want or need u 2 run for 2012! Thx, but no thanks!
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@140townhall One question I would ask all - "Would you kill Agenda21, ICLEI, project60?"
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Bachmann camp assures me that it is in fact Rep. Bachmann who is tweeting for this debate. #140townhall
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Am seeing that some Twitter users are puzzled that there's no hashtag for GOP Presidential debate. Use @140townhall handle instead.
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Am watching first GOP Presidential debate on Twitter via @140townhall
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RT @NYT_JenPreston: To ask a question for today's GOP Presidential debate on Twitter, just mention @140townhall in your tweet.
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GOP Presidential Twitter Debate Today You can submit questions at and follow @140townhall.
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.@140townhall I vote @THEHermanCain will win the Presidential Twitter Townhall on
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@140townhall How would u create jobs 4 American's?
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First presidential debate on Twitter July 20 from 3:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. EDT Candidates will be answering questions tweeted to @140townhall.
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RT @THEHermanCain: @140townhall I would limit the EPA, Department of Energy and other executive agencies fro… (cont
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Your @140townhall re-tweet leader was @THEHermanCain with more than 1,180
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.@RonPaul may not be participating in @140townhall, but you can see what he says about the #debtlimit here:
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Some of the liberal/progressive spam on the GOP Debate @140townhall is actually quite comical.
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@TeamBachmann How do you endorse restoring limited govt while voting for the unconstitutional #PatriotAct ? .@140townhall #tcot #teaparty
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#140townhall What REALLY happened to WTC building 7? Also, who do you think really wrote Shakespear's plays?
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.@140townhall I vote @THEHermanCain will win the Presidential Twitter Townhall on
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WHY??? Sorry. WHY GOD WHY RT @jimgeraghty "Be specific," @secupp asks @140townhall debate participant candidates, in 140 characters or less.
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@140townhall @newtgingrich well put mr. speaker. consent of the governed!
If you think government doesn't create jobs, then why do you want a gov't job? Your logic is seriously flawed. @THEHermanCain @140townhall
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Migraines = pre-existing condition. RT @TeamBachmann: @140townhall I will not rest until Obamacare is repealed. You can take it to bank. #p2
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RT @Patrick_Gibson: @140townhall next idea: candidates debate in Youtube comments
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@seanhannity @140townhall Oh, yeah! Very interesting once it got rolling. @THEHermanCain clearly the winner so far.
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I thought real-life politics was the summa of mindless cacophony until I saw @140townhall timeline just now.
@140townhall @THEHermanCain is giving clear direct answers. Hitting it out of the park!
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@THEHermanCain @140townhall Are you willing to remove all of Obama's Exec Orders on your first day if Elected President?
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RT @DoctorBShaw: @140townhall What button do I push to vote for Michael Dukakis?
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.@140townhall is a good reminder that any constructive thing on the Internet happens completely by accident.
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Looks like @ThadMcCotter is gaining a lot of support. He is the current re-tweet leader and is one of the most newly-followed @140townhall
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@THEHermanCain intro #140townhall join debate of ideas, 40-yrs as job creator and solutions provider, communicating w/citizens' movement
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30 minutes in and only 2 more opening statements to go! @140townhall
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.@140townhall @ThadMcCotter This format is great but I can't wait to see you shine in a verbal debate. You are so intelligent w/ gr8 ideas!
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RT @michaelpfalcone: RT @FixAaron: Bachmann camp assures me that it is in fact Rep. Bachmann who is tweeting for this debate #140townhall
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@140townhall Stand with American citizens OR "pledge" to ATR and G Norquist NOT to do your job?#teaparty #EndThePledge
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Are you following the #GOP @140townhall ? What do you think so far? ^TG
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.@RickSantorum If a train leaves LA at 4pm, and another leaves DC at 5pm, would you deny health care to the people riding them? @140townhall
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.@newtgingrich: On a scale of 1 to 10, how many wives have you had? #TeaParty .@140townhall
Follow @140townhall for FIRST presidential debate on Twitter starting at 3 PM #GOP #2012
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.@140townhall Will you continue your support of individual rights and call for the legalization of the rich hunting the poor for sport?
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.@140townhall Do you support the true conservative enegry strategy for the future, burning poor people for power?
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RT @secupp: Getting ready for the first ever Twitter Prez debate in NH. Go to participate at 3pm ET. #140townhall
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To ask a question for today's GOP Presidential debate on Twitter, just mention @140townhall in your tweet.
I've enjoyed being a part of this historic debate. Excellent job everyone, THANK YOU!.@140townhall