Welcome to Katapult!

Welcome to the Katapult Website! Everything here is new and shiny, so bear with us.

Feel free to leave comments in the Forums


Katapult Released

Katapult is a bugfix release, which fixes a few issues with MySQL, makes sure that all the right libraries are linked, and also fixes that darned annoying segfault!

Download Katapult Now!

Forums Closed

The forums have been closed until further notice.

Katapult Forums moved to vBulletin

Katapult's Forums are now running vBulletin, instead of Invision Power Board.

All previous Data has been imported, if you have any issues with the new forums, please email me.

Please Note:

You WILL need to request a new password, as the password encyrption techniques are incompatible!

If you experience any problems, please contact me on

contact AT thekatapult DOT net

Katapult forums back up and running!

It seems that the upgrade of the forums to the latest version didn't go to plan, and I didn't notice.

This is now fixed.

katapult.kde.org up and running once more!

katapult.kde.org is now fully up and running as it was previously!

We apologise for any inconvenience, the website was moved to a new host, and we were not informed regarding this.

Also, it seems there were a few... technical difficulties... in setting up mySQL

Seems it's all fine and dandy now though!

Katapult Released!

After much faffing about, I eventually found the reason why Katapult 0.3.2 was incorrectly building, and I have to say, it was my own stupidity. If anyone ever catches me trying to make a release at 3am again, tell me to stop.

Anyway, After releasing 0.3.2 - I realised that Google had changed their URL syntax for searches, so I had to make a bugfix release.

Which all comes down to, in the end - the following..

Download Katapult Now!

Katapult Website Launched

As you can see, we now no longer have the "Under Construction" page, and now have a nice new website.

Feel free to browse around, and please send any comments to mez AT thekatapult DOT net

Wiki up and running!

Our wiki is now up and running!

See here

Welcome to katapult.kde.org!

Katapult can now be found at katapult.kde.org

Many thanks to all the people involved in making this move - feel free to go ahead and poke around what we have here while we start setting things up.

The wiki will be back soon