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Nicko: Maiden have booked studio time

Ready to rock: Nicko McBrain
Ready to rock: Nicko McBrain

Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain has confirmed to Rock Radio that the band are already planning their fifteenth studio album.

In an interview with Rock DJ Tom Russell on Maiden Day, available below, McBrain said: "We're scheduling to get together to write the new album in November or December this year.

"We have actually booked a studio and I think we'll kick off in the second week of January with the new record.

"As to touring - the end of the year, or definitely 2011. We may actually go out at the end of 2010. Once you've got the new album finished and packaged, and the record company's happy with all the bits and pieces, then you want to go touring.

"And you don't want to wait too long - because we'll forget the songs!"

McBrain also discussed the worldwide release of Maiden's movie, Flight 666, which details the band's Somewhere Back in Time World Tour aboard Ed Force One, a customised Boeing 757 piloted by singer Bruce Dickinson.

The drummer explained: "It really shows the agony and ecstasy of the tour. If I invited one of the listeners out on tour with us, this is what you'd get."

During the interview he also talked about why he's known as Boomer and why that led to the band discovering the biggest drawback of touring on a plane, why he's not managed by a former member of Duran Duran, and what the band think of winning their Brit Award and why they didn't want to be there to accept it.

Nicko wasn't wearing a hat during this interview

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