Megaworld is all about the Internet cloud. You transfer your data into the cloud and we ensure that you will never lose it. We provide you with a large variety of online tools to stream videos, listen to music, look at pictures and share your creations. With over 45 million daily users Mega is one of the largest and fastest growing online service providers. Thanks to you!

Remember, you only have to create one account on any Mega site and it will work on all Mega sites. Same for premium accounts! Please have a look at our portfolio of Mega sites and rest assured that we will keep creating cloudy new stuff for you:
Megaupload is the world's most popular online storage and high-speed file hosting service. We offer ad-financed free and affordable premium online storage and remote backup capacity. Whenever you need to send a file that is too large for e-mail, Megaupload will deliver it. If you want to access personal data from a variety of computers, we are your Internet disk. If your bandwidth demands exceed what your regular hoster can offer, Mega is unlimited. You can distribute your digital merchandise using our powerful global server network.
Megavideo is a leading online video community, allowing millions of people to discover, watch and share online videos. We provide a network for users to produce, upload and share videos across the globe and act as a distribution platform for original content creators. If you need a place to securely store your personal video library, home videos, business presentations, etc., Megavideo offers ad-financed free and premium online video storage. Megavideo delivers reliable, fast and secure video streaming services in the best quality.
Megalive is the best way to create live video broadcasts and show the world your creation. You can share your event, class, party or thoughts, live, with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Your viewers can chat in real-time with you and with other viewers. Megalive makes it easy, fast and secure to engage with a live audience. There is really no limit to your reach. Megalive can support any audience, whether it's 5 people or 5,000,000. We make it happen. With our Megalive premium services you can record any broadcast and view it later.
Upload your entire music library and playlists to Megabox instantly using Megakey. Any song you like, anytime, no matter where you are, on any device. Just find it & play. All artist, albums, genres - available. Discover new music and see what your friends like. New songs you buy via Megabox or other online music stores will be added to your music library and will remain there forever. Share your music and playlists with friends. Megabox is how online music should be.
Megapix is a premier site on the Internet for uploading, sharing, linking & finding photos. Your free account can store an unlimited number of photos with unlimited hotlinking quota. Premium users can buy & sell stock photos in addition to other great professional features. You want to keep a blog of moments, or maybe show off your best pictures to the whole world? You want to securely and privately share photos with your family, colleges and friends? Megapix makes it possible and more, easy! Get photos to people in whatever way you want.
Advertise on a huge network of global and popular websites - quick, easy and transparent. Best of all: You pay only the publisher, Megaclick's matching service is free of charge. Finding the best fitting websites for your ads has never been easier or more convenient! Profit from automated banner delivery and campaign optimization, thanks to our state of the art algorithms. On Megaclick you can achieve the highest ROI's for the lowest cost. Megaclick delivers billions of ad impressions every month reaching over 300 million people.
Megafund is Mega's venture capital arm. Megafund has the experience, resources, passion and reach to make your website successful. We look for people that have the best ideas and create innovative websites & online tools. We have an appetite to help you boost your website with our traffic, branding and money. We believe the skills and resources of Mega provide a significant advantage to our partners. If you seek funding for a great website and need to get noticed please contact us.
Premium services on all Mega sites FREE of charge. Megakey is your dream come true. Our innovative Megakey software is your key to unlimited bandwidth, storage, everything. Unlock all of our premium services by installing Megakey on your PC. But how does it work? Megakey is a tiny plugin that allows Mega to control some advertising you see in your browser. All we do is replace some of the ads that you would see on the Internet anyway, with our own. Yes thats all. No tricks. Just a little control over the ads you see when surfing the Net.
Megapay has patented technology to bring easy and secure mobile payments to the world. We are creating tools for online payments using your mobile phone, making it easy to pay for digital goods and services across the Internet with a focus on reliability and security. Megapay will offer mobile payment solutions for consumers, publishers and carriers alike. In 2011 we will activate country by country and sell Mega premium services via Megapay. Soon after Megapay will open its doors for partners.
There are thousands of awards around the globe, from sports to movies to products to design. Now there is a news blog that keeps you up-to-date with the achievements of great people, companies, products and even animals. Whoever wins will get noticed. Megabest loves winners. Megabest is the first blog of its kind and it is our mission to keep track of the achievers of this world and provide them with the visibility, respect and hurray that they deserve. May this blog motivate others to become achievers.
The world is full of outstanding luxury and beauty. We at Mega love the good life. Who doesn't dream of the best travel, food, cars, planes, spaceships, everything expensive. With our own lifestyle blog we embrace the good things life has to offer (for a price). Most will never achieve the wealth to buy any of the things featured on Megaking BUT you might get lucky and join the fortunate few one day. Work hard, play the lottery & good luck. For those of you who already made it Megaking will educate on how to spend money in style.
Those who don't have charity in their hearts have the worst kind of heart disease. There is too much unfairness, tragedy and misery in this world. Megahelp says lets fix that. Megahelp is a news blog that will open your eyes & hearts to those who need your help. We keep track of major charity events, the sadness and happiness. We write about people who provide relief and hope to the unfortunate, disadvantaged and abused. Megahelp will report about anyone who makes this world a better place.
This news blog is for playboys with a love for speed, adrenaline pretty girls & high tech. Our goal is to entertain you every day with stuff that matters to men, real men. Oh yes, Megagogo will turn you into an addict. You will keep coming back for more & more. If Megagogo was a cigarette we would not get away with health warnings on the packaging. We are so toxic to male hormones that NASA is trying to shoot this news blog to the moon. Our editors are all on life support and if you visit Megagogo you do it at your own risk.
Megamovie is coming in 2011. It's our marketplace for Movies and TV series streamed in the highest quality for the lowest price. Megamovie will be available to all content creators and licensees, from Hollywood studios to independent film makers to TV production companies. For a tiny fee (much smaller than current content industry deals with iTunes and Netflix) they can upload content and sell it to a mass audience. Megamovie will be an independent content marketplace for our users to enjoy the best content in the highest quality at the lowest price, internationally.
Megabackup is coming in 2011. Our free software will be pre-installed on a number of top PC and notebook brands and also available for free download. It will enable you to backup all your data into the cloud, fully automatic and "free of charge". No matter how many files you backup or how much storage capacity you need it's free of charge until you start retrieving your data. In the meantime you have peace of mind that you can never lose your data. Megabackup will be your free data insurance.