Robert Gentleman

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Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Public Health Sciences Division
Program in Computational Biology
HeadAppointed: 2004
Harvard University
Adjunct Associate ProfessorAppointed: 2005
University of Washington
College of Arts and Sciences
Adjunct ProfessorAppointed: 2004

Mailing Address

Program in Computational Biology
Division of Public Health Sciences
1100 Fairview Ave. N, M2-B876
P.O. Box 19024
Seattle, Washington 98109-1024
United States

Contact Information

Phone: (206) 667-7700


Ph.D., University of Washington, Statistics, 1988.
M.Sc., University of Washington, Statistics, 1986.
B.Sc., University of British Columbia, Mathematics, 1984.


COS Keywords:

Cancer Or Carcinogenesis, Computational Biology, Public Health.

Previous Positions

2000-2004, Associate Professor, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard University, Department of Biostatistics
1999-2000, Visiting Scholar, Harvard University, School of Public Health, Department of Biostatistics
1998-2000, Senior Research Fellow, University of Auckland, Clinical Trials Research Unit, Department of Medicine
1996-2000, Senior Lecturer, University of Auckland, Department of Statistics
1992-1996, Lecturer, University of Auckland, Department of Mathematics and Statistics
1988-1992, Assistant Professor, University of Waterloo, Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science


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  • Gurvich N, Berman MG, Wittner BS, Gentleman RC, Klein PS, Green JB (Jul 2005) Association of valproate-induced teratogenesis with histone deacetylase inhibition in vivo., The Faseb Journal : Official Publication of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology., 19 (9), 1166-8 Abstract
  • Tadesse MG, Ibrahim JG, Gentleman R, Chiaretti S, Ritz J, Foa R (Jun 2005) Bayesian error-in-variable survival model for the analysis of GeneChip arrays., Biometrics, 61 (2), 488-97 Abstract
  • Tadesse MG, Ibrahim JG, Vannucci M, Gentleman R (Mar 2005) Wavelet thresholding with bayesian false discovery rate control., Biometrics, 61 (1), 25-35 Abstract
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  • Huber W, Gentleman R (Jul 2004) matchprobes: a Bioconductor package for the sequence-matching of microarray probe elements., Bioinformatics (oxford, England), 20 (10), 1651-2 Abstract
  • Chiaretti S, Li X, Gentleman R, Vitale A, Vignetti M, Mandelli F, Ritz J, Foa R (Apr 2004) Gene expression profile of adult T-cell acute lymphocytic leukemia identifies distinct subsets of patients with different response to therapy and survival., Blood, 103 (7), 2771-8 Abstract
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  • Dudoit S, Gentleman RC, Quackenbush J (Mar 2003) Open source software for the analysis of microarray data., Biotechniques, Suppl, 45-51 Abstract
  • Zhang J, Carey V, Gentleman R (Jan 2003) An extensible application for assembling annotation for genomic data., Bioinformatics (oxford, England), 19 (1), 155-6 Abstract
  • Mutter GL, Baak JP, Fitzgerald JT, Gray R, Neuberg D, Kust GA, Gentleman R, Gullans SR, Wei LJ, Wilcox M (Nov 2001) Global expression changes of constitutive and hormonally regulated genes during endometrial neoplastic transformation., Gynecologic Oncology, 83 (2), 177-85 Abstract
  • Gentleman RC, Lawless JF, Lindsey JC, Yan P (Apr 1994) Multi-state Markov models for analysing incomplete disease history data with illustrations for HIV disease., Statistics in Medicine, 13 (8), 805-21 Abstract
  • Gentleman R, Crowley JJ (1992) A graphical approach to the analysis of censored data., Breast Cancer Research and Treatment, 22 (3), 229-40 Abstract
  • Gentleman R, Crowley J (Dec 1991) Local full likelihood estimation for the proportional hazards model., Biometrics, 47 (4), 1283-96 Abstract

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