A brand new documentary has been released on DVD from NWF Films. The documentary, which is titled "NWF Kids Pro Wrestling – The Untold Story" has been in development for roughly a year, and has now been released on DVD video. A 3 minute long trailer is also available (See link above).

The documentary is 84 minutes long, and tells the incredible story on "kids pro wrestling". From the birth of its creation on four small bed mattresses, to the Group W Cable and garage studios, to live public events at the Anoka Armory. Hear the story told directly from those who created it. Several interviews were conducted for the documentary with past NWF stars such as Shawn Crossen, Charley Lane, Mike Ackermann, Matt Kelsey, Jason Clauson, Chris Hanson, John Hoffman and Leslie Johnson.

Learn the story of how a small group of kids make history as they start in a basement and eventually grow into thousands of living rooms all across the country in a league that was so rare that it has since never been duplicated. From the highs and lows, the past NWF stars give their recollection on what was truly a unique experience.

The documentary goes into detailed coverage of the birth of the league, the days at Group W Cable, and all the headaches caused by Scott Tronson. It covers the evolution into the garage, memorable matches that altered the direction of how things were being done in the league, and the days of doing live public events in front of hundreds of fans. And the documentary covers the involvement of Steve Engstrom and how he and his friend Larry would eventually attempt to take over the NWF in 1987 and turn it into a minor league for adults.

All in all, it is an incredible story that has been long overdue in being told on video. You will be left in a state of amazement in that history was indeed made through the mind of one kid with nothing more than a dream, a dream to run his very own professional wrestling league.

You can order this DVD now using the link above.  Current NWF DVD OF THE MONTH CLUB subscibers be sure to use your special discount code to get your reduced price on this latest DVD release from NWF Films.


ONLY $14.99

"It was amazing to watch the evolution of professional wrestling unfold in this documentary. The interviews were very well done, and it was cool to see the grown-up wrestlers talking about how fun it was to put on the show."
Alex Lukens
The Dove Foundation

"The documentary may be long, but it is never boring.  Adult wrestling fans will be fascinated, and young viewers will get a crash course in entrepreneurship."
David Pitt
Booklist Magazine

"Even for those who don't like wrestling, this film is captivating. It offers a slice of wrestling history but more importantly, is about relationships, business, and admitting mistakes."

"This tale of youthful entrepreneurial spirit coupled with sports documentary might just inspire other young people."
Celeste Steward
School Library Journal