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Mysore Factory









Mysore - Silk weaving & Printing silk products

The  Factory   is   located   in   the   heart  of   the   Mysore  city  and  is spread  over acres.  The raw silk yarn  Filatures  obtained  from  T . Narasipura factory and open Market are put  thro. various process  and Quality silk products are produced for end  user consumption. The  factory  has    an installed capacity of  8,00,000 Mtrs per annum.

The  factory  is  provided  with  various  high end  equipments  so as  to produce best of silk. The   factory  started  with 10 looms  in 1930 under the rulers of erstwhile Mysore Kingdom  today boasts  of  more  than 159 looms,  two  Warping  machines &  Pirn Machines and any  no. of   Preparatory  Machines. Most of  the  machines  are  imported  from Switzerland and  Japan.   

KSIC silk product are well appreciated in the market due to its 100% pure silk blended with 100% pure gold Zari( 65% of silver & 0.65% of Gold ). 

The sarees manufactured are of unmatched quality come  in varieties to suit the customer tastes viz: Crepe-de-chine, Georgette, Zari printed crepe silk sarees, semi crepe sarees. The sarees are printed or dyed. The sareess come in a splash of over 100 different colors and any no. of  design combinations. Some of the design combinations are:

  • Embroidery Design saree

  • Big Butta Pallu Zari

  • Rich Pallu Sari Saree

  • Jawar Border Saree

  • Small Mango Saree

  • Zari Printed Saree

  • Saree Tissue Saree

  • Traditional Zari Saree

  • Checked Zari Saree

  • Mango Border Saree

  • Sunrise Design saree

  • Butta Pallu Saree

  • Double Line Checks Saree.

 Based on the taste of the end consumers the sarees are printed and dyed with suitable eye catching colors. Various approved quantity of approved chemicals are added at various stages as per silk manufacturing standards to retain the luster and  quality of the silk fabric. The sheen and the visual luxury of the crepes are only to be experienced. At 75 gms per metre, the KSIC silk sarees have an unmatched drape. These crepes have delicate strands of zari interwoven in spectacular designs, in the borders and the pallu. The printed crepes are tributes to designing and come with a double advantage of possessing the crepe's softness and a vibrant range of designs from floral to geometric.

To protect  esteemed customers from imitation of KSIC silks,  KSIC have given a special embroidered number for each one of the  sarees  with a unique number and hologram.

Other products of silk include soft silks, hankeys, Neck Ties, Stoles, Cravats, dupion fabrics etc.


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