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Queens leave for Liverpool on Sunday



The Malawi netball team, the Queens, will leave for Liverpool, England this Sunday where they will participate in the prestigious World Top Six Series.


Announcing details of the trip on Thursday, Netball Association of Malawi (NAM) Rosy Chinunda said a 20-member delegation will leave the country through Chileka International Airport.

The delegation includes 15 players and five officials and will be led by Chinunda.

Apart from Chinunda, other officials on the trip are coach Edith Kaliati and her deputy Sam Kanyenda, team manager Abgail Sherrif and team doctor Vincent Tsezani.

England Netball are financing the Queens trip and have provided air tickets and will also pay for their accommodation, food and internal travel.

"That has been the arrangement every year. They do that for all the six teams that will take part in the tournament. They provide everything, except allowances which is our responsibility and government has promised to provide the allowances," Chinunda said.

According to Chinunda, when travelling outside the country, each member of the Queens receives US$50 (K7 600) per day.

Chinunda expressed gratitude to government who have already provided K6 million (about $40 000) which catered for the team’s preparations for the tournament.

"Government has always been there for us and without them, we could not be participating in international competitions," Chinunda said.

Queens’ captain Peace Chawinga-Kalua said they are ready physically and mentally to face the big four (New Zealand, Jamaica, Australia and England) as they seek to improve on the world rankings.

"We are ready for the tournament and I believe this time around, we can break into the top four, although it will not be easy," she said.

She singled out hosts, England, as one of the teams the Queens can beat.

Before meeting England, the Queens will face Jamaica and New Zealand, which puts their chances of beating England on the lower side.

Despite failing to break into the top four at last year’s tournament in Manchester, the Queens made an impression when their goal-shooter Mwawi Kumwenda was voted ‘Player of the Tournament’.

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