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Jun 21st 2005


Darryl Read (not Leo Sayer)

Ant News - It has been revealed on the Insect Nation forum that Adam Ant has co-written and recorded a new song with "poet, provocateur, pinup, and punk forerunner", Darryl Read.  Speculation arose when forum moderator AntX (Walt) uncovered some new news on http://www.darrylread.com/beat.html.

The song has the very catchy title of Excuse My French (You're A Mean Motherfucker) and both Adam and Darryl have copies of the recording.

After emailing Darryl, Walt has posted this reply on Insect Nation:

I can tell you the name of the song Adam and I put together: 'Excuse My French (You're A Mean Motherfucker)', which was recorded at the time, I have a copy and so does Adam. The designs and picture (story boards) were for a video shoot; to film a song off my Shaved CD album called 'Walking Street'  - which he was really into, and all were his concepts for the promo film he wanted to shoot. Adam gave me these excellent drawings of his.

He also came up with an idea or two for a new album cover for the album CD 'Shaved' for a world wide release, which was just out in Germany (underground-wise). He gave me the book of the drawings; some time after, which I treasure.

As well as being good friends, I found that there was a natural chemistry between us - creatively. I visited Adam every day whilst he was in the Royal Free hospital, and was around for him, as were a few others, when a lot weren't.

I hope Adam is doing well, I wish him all the luck for the future.

For more on this check out the updates section of Walt's new Ant site.

Jun 21st 2005


Move Over Froggy!

Carty/Ant News - As news of the Crazy Frog spending a fourth week at the top of the UK charts with the ring tone inspired cover version of Axel F, the bandwagon has given a lift to a new rival, Crazy Ant!  Even though Yabba Ding Ding is based around the melody from Desperate But Not Serious, the main vocal hook comes from Apollo 9 (as the title suggests).  It also features snippets of other Ant vocals, including Rough Stuff, Prince Charming, Kings Of The Wild Frontier and Deutscher Girls.

The tune is yet another product of the Carty factory and comes as a result of a last minute request by Ant fan Sparky for the 2005 MichigAnt Party.  With only days to plan, execute and complete the mix, the resulting mix has now completed Volume 7 of the Carty Mixes CD's

Members of the Ant Rap forum also requested an edited version for use as a ring tone for their mobile phones, and both are available by simply emailing us here.

Will it become as annoying as the Frog?  Well if that ever becomes the case, I leave you with Marco Pirroni's reaction to it..."Genius!!"

Jun 21st 2005


Sketch Called Marco

Marco News - Marco Pirroni and ex-Ant bassist Chris Constantinou are both set to appear as animated characters in a new pop video for Mantra II's next single, Werewolves Of London.  The film will be an extension of the song, probably stretching to seven minutes. Hints on the plotline include them slinking through "The streets of Soho in the rain", a Werewolf table dancer, and a motorbike chase!

Are You Ready Chris?

The single, which also features guest appearances from Marco and Chris on the track is a different version than the one on the Mantra II CD "This Is Called Fantasy" and is expected to be released in August or September this year.  The EP will be released as a DVD single as it includes the video, the anthem-like (Chant) Mantra II, and much more.

Ant fans may be interested to know that the band have also recorded vocals over the top of Adam Ant's Man Called Marco for the album and extra keen ears will also spot another Ant sample on another of the tracks.  For more info on band, Catboy and the other members, click on the banner below.

Jun 21st 2005


New Navel To Neck remix

Ant News - The Ant remixes have been piling up over the past few weeks and it's about time we helped spread the word about them.  First off the starting blocks is a remix of What's Going On by German Ant fan Formicula.  This is his first remix and definitely improves on the track which was featured on the Metropolis soundtrack. 

Next we have two remixes from another debutante.  Dutchman DefiAnt bring us remixes of the And So You Shall demo and the Persuasion track, Survival Of The Fetish.  Both are excellent interpretations of the originals.

And finally a Carty remix of Navel To Neck is added to Carty Mixes Volume 7.  This is a complete remake of the remix that appeared back on Volume 1, but has been improved with one or two surprises thrown in.

If you'd like to receive mp3's of any of these remixes, please email me.

May 30th 2005

Fetish For Calculators?


Ant News - It has been revealed that a track off Adam's unreleased Persuasion album samples a remix of an old Kraftwerk tune. In an email sent to this site, Ant fan David Tompkins , who is also a Kraftwerk fan, claimed that "on Survival Of The Fetish he uses a sample of Kraftwerk's remixed version of Pocket Calculator". Even though the track was originally released as a single in 1981, it was remixed in 1991 for their remix album, The Mix (pictured above). 

What makes this more interesting is that Survival Of The Fetish is one of the few Persuasion tracks produced by Adam and Marco...and Marco is a confessed Kraftwerk fan.

This has now been added to this site's Ant Samples page.

May 29th 2005

Marco's guitars featured in the Nov 2004 issue

Marco News - Six months after appearing in the November 2004 edition Guitar & Bass magazine, we can now bring you the scans of the article so that you can read their Marco Pirroni interview. Marco was featured as their private collector of the month and talks about the many guitars in his collection.

To read the article just click on the scans below.

(Many thanks, once again, to Steve Horwood for the scans)

May 28th 2005

Who's a Highwayman then?


Ant News - Iggy Pop's 1977 album, "The Idiot" has yet another track with similarities to a later Ant track.  The rhythm guitar on "China Girl" bears an uncanny resemblance to the rhythm guitar on "Stand And Deliver".  The offending guitars are more easily heard on the album version of the Ants track.  "China Girl" was written by Iggy and David Bowie, who also produced it.  It was mixed by Tony Visconti, who also produced the Vive Le Rock album.  Bowie went on to have a hit with the same track in 1983.

This has now been added to this site's Ant Influences page.

May 26th 2005

Who's a Playboy then?


Ant News - A track on Iggy Pop's 1977 album, "The Idiot" has a guitar solo very similar to a solo on Adam Ant's "Strip" album.  "Dum Dum Boys" seemed vaguely familiar when it was played in the Carty household today.  A comparison was made to "Playboy" and the connection made.  Adam has made no secret that this album influenced him, and now it seems it influenced Marco too.

This has now been added to this site's Ant Influences page.

UPDATE...Marco has said since this was posted that "the solo in Playboy is NOT Dum Dum Boys,it's the same chord shape, but I wasn't thinking of that track although "The Idiot" is the album I played the most in 1977 while waiting for the rest of the world to catch up with me."

May 24th 2005


Ant News - The official Ants site adam-ant.net have announced a new contest featuring some cool prizes.  There are six prize groups in all including the complete Adam Ant Remastered CD collection, an Ants Invasion (tribute band) Live in Seattle 2004 DVD, a Vive Le Rock styled Ant t-shirt (which is actually an Apollo 9 one!), a Mantra II CD, a £50 Antics Worldwide gift certificate and much more.

The competition closes on June 17th 2005 and all you have to do is answer three simple questions on the site.  To enter, just click here.

May 19th 2005

Mark Alleyne pictured today

Ant News - Mark Alleyne, the man responsible for designing the slick packaging for the Ant Remastered CD's, has received the Carty interview treatment.  Following on from the Marco Pirroni and Andi Vaughan interviews from last year, this completes the trilogy.  Not only does Mark go into great detail about his past, present and future projects, he also supplied many of the images used.

To find out what Mark had to say about the Ant DVD, the Ants Demos box, and the Remasters, click here.  (Apologies for those with slow connections as many of the images are larger than usual due to the nature of the interview.)

May 19th 2005

Carty News - Freek Kinkelaar, who recently wrote the Adam And The Ants feature in the June 2005 edition of Record Collector has agreed to be interviewed by Carty in person, for this site.  For more on the article, please see below.

May 14th 2005

Collectable Ants featured in June 2005's Record Collector

Ant News - It's been a long 20 year wait for regular readers of UK magazine Record Collector, but the most collectable releases by Adam And The Ants have appeared in the June 2005 issue, complete with discography and valuations of the most sought after gems.

The five page spread features text by regular contributor and Dutchman, Freek Kinkelaar, who is himself a serious Ants collector.  The article covers the period from Adam's time in Art college, up until the Goody Two Shoes release in 1982 (when he turned solo).

To view the pages, just click on the five images below.

(Many thanks to Steve Horwood for the scans)

May 14th 2005


Ant News - Just as thing were starting to run cold from the Niall X camp, a new remix has been completed. The mix maestro has recently uploaded his take on Adam's "Why Do Girls Love Horses?" which was originally featured as the b-side to the Friend Or Foe single.

To download the remix, please visit www.antfan.com and head for "file sharing".

May 7th 2005


Ant News - Marco Pirroni has revealed in an online interview with 1980's retro site,  RememberTheEighties.com that there may be plans to release more "new" Ant recordings once the demos box set and the DVD are out of the way.  He said that he and Chris Hughes had been talking about doing an album of 'ant revisited' tracks, which would comprise of new mixes and updates on old tracks. He added that it would not "supercede the old stuff but more of a 'directors cut' type of thing".

Marco has since confirmed on his forum that he had recently discussed it with Chris Hughes, "I love to do it but I'm not sure when.  Neither of us have time at the moment. Chris thought it would be nice to pick certain tracks we liked (not necessarily singles) from all the albums and remix and redo them, which is something I d been thinking about as well."  He added that these weren't necessarily tracks produced by Chris, who particularly likes Wonderful, whereas Marco would like to do Vive Le Rock.

It's too early to even begin to hope for any other details as both are busy with other projects at this time, but there had been plans for Chris Hughes to remix tracks from the Vive Le Rock album for the remastered release, but that was shelved.  The Ant world is watching. 

May 6th 2005

New Marco Pirroni Interview

Marco News - A website dedicated to the sounds of the 1980's have published their exclusive interview with Marco Pirroni. RememberTheEighties.com talk to him briefly about the remasters, Adam, the Wolfmen, the demos box set, and the Ant DVD.  There is even mention of an Ants Revisited project featuring "new mixes and updates of old tracks". 

To read the interview, click here.

Apr 28th 2005

Kevin Mooney's old band Max

Mooney News - As we await the June 2005 release Adam Ant's cover version of Wide Boy Awake's "Chicken Outlaw" on the Mikes Bikes compilation CD, the label, Le Coq Musique, have told this site of their plans to put a collection of Max songs together for release.  Songs such as 321 Run, Hooligan and Physical Beauty are being considered.  It is believed that these are the band's harder recordings which feature Marco Pirroni, as opposed to the songs produced by Trevor Horn on their Silence Running album.  Although that has not been confirmed as yet.

When Ex-Ant bass player Kevin Mooney left the Ants in 1981, he formed Wide Boy Awake, releasing two singles, "Bona Venture" and "Chicken Outlaw".  He then formed Lomax, releasing a cover version of Bob Marley's "Waiting In Vain" on Trevor Horn's ZTT label.  An album, "Silence Running" was also recorded, produced by Trevor Horn, and under an amended name, Max.  One of the album's tracks was "Shake Your Hips", which Adam Ant covered and featured on the Beautiful Dream CD 2 single, recently sold on eBay for £2120.

Max also recorded tracks with Marco Pirroni and it is these tracks that are believed to be appearing on Mooney's label later in the year.

Adam Ant - back in the studio?

Apr 28th 2005

Ant News - Le Coq Musique are planning to lure Adam Ant back in the studio to record more "Antmusic for future releases", so this site has learned.  The label run by Gary Asquith and ex-Ant Kevin Mooney already have one Ant performance in the can, due for release in June 2005.  It's a cover version of Mooney's "Chicken Outlaw", which was recorded by his old band Wide Boy Awake.  As to what the nature of these planned sessions are, is yet unknown, but it must be emphasised that these are just plans at this stage, and not a guarantee that Adam will be recording again.  (Yet)

Apr 27th 2005

Only 2 known to exist...so far!

Ant News - In a further development to the amazing £2120 price tag for the Beautiful Dream CD 2 single, it has been revealed to this site that Anticsworldwide (Umesh Mistry) had pulled out of the bid once it had reached £1300 ($2485).  He had planned to pay a higher amount originally and would have gone higher. "When the bid got to £1300 I has a re-think. I decided that I did not want it anymore at the price I bid, because I thought I was paying too much for it."

Umesh, who also runs the Antics International merchandise organisation, has also expressed how badly he wanted the item for his personal collection. So how did he resist the temptation to bid further? "I knew if I had my computer on near the ending of the auction I would have got carried away with it and therefore switched it off."

Even though Aiden8's (Donna) winning bid was over £2100, Umesh estimated its true value to be nearer £800.  After congratulating Donna, he said he believes that there are more copies out there and did comment on what he would do if the CD appeared again.  But that's something we won't reveal here, just to keep the Ant world guessing.

Apr 26th 2005

SOLD!!!! For just £2120

Ant News - It was a nail biting finish as four bidders patiently waited to see whose bid would grasp the second known copy of Adam Ant's  "Beautiful Dream" CD 2 single. Anticsworldwide (Umesh Mistry) had set his bid limit to £1300 ($2485) the previous day.  This meant that every bid lower than that was automatically beaten, as leeandmalaki had found out.  Aiden8 (Donna) had stormed in with two hours to go with a bid of £1350 ($2580). (leeandmalaki is her partner and dog)

While all that tension was building Ant fans were tuned into the Internet radio station Carty FM for live bid updates coupled with non-stop Antmusic.  The lead bidder, aiden8 had even emailed in a request to play Beautiful Dream.  She explained that she was bidding for this CD single to go with her copy of CD 1 (rumoured to be limited to 7 copies).

As Ant fans eagerly waited for anticsworldwide to out bid the £1350, the final two hours passed somewhat uneventful.  Until the absolute dying seconds that is, when TWO last second bids came in.  One from deleriumdesign for £2070 ($3957).  This came as a last minute surprise as he has the only other copy of the single (and it's his scans that are used on this site).  Although it had been mentioned on the Ant Rap forum that he may want both copies.  But from nowhere, Carty FM listener, aiden8 steals the goods with a winning high bid of £2120 ($4052).  (Previously in the week Carty had predicted this breaking the £2000 barrier).

Aiden8 (Donna) says she feels chuffed about her win as Deleriumdesign had beaten her for the same item four years ago.  Deleriumdesign responded by saying he was now £2000 better off and that he couldn't believe how much its value had soared within 4 years.

Apr 17th 2005

Rare Ant CD single on eBay

Ant News - The ultra rare CD2 single of Adam Ant's "Beautiful Dream" has been found in a London second hand shop and is being auctioned off on eBay.  The starting bid was just £1.99 and, at the time of "going to press" it stood at an astounding £360.01!!  And it is expected to rise considerably more by the time the auctions ends at midnight on Monday 25th April 2005.  So what makes this such a rarity?

It's the single that got away.  Its planned release was abandoned after poor sales of Wonderful4,000 copies were initially pressed of each CD single.  All were destroyed...well almost all.  Only 7 copies of CD1 are believed to exist as a result of them being sent out as promo copies after the radio promo CD supplies were depleted.  They were recalled, and not all made it back.  Only ONE copy of CD 2 had been known to exist up until this point.

Further details of this release can be found here.

Delayed release

Ant News - The release of the Mikes Bikes compilation CD on Kevin Mooney's label Le Coq Musique has been put back from April to June 2005.  This now casts a shadow of doubt over whether the "Chicken Outlaw" track featuring Adam Ant will get to see the light of day.  The good news is he's still listed on the label's website so all hope is not lost yet.

Apr 14th 2005

Adam in Record Collector (click for full size)

Ant News - Another review of the 2005 remastered CD's has turned up in the music press.  This time in Record Collector.  The reviewer refers to the Friend Or Foe track as sounding like Rolf Harris, which is one comparison we don't hear that often. To read the review from a scan of the article, click here.  To see the full Adam picture above, with text, click here.

Apr 12th 2005

DJ Hyper "Oh-oh-oh Antmusi-i-ic!"

Ant News - An new Ant cover version has been unearthed and added the Ant Cover Versions page.  It's a version of 'Antmusic' by Hyper, who's also known as DJ Hyper.  Not much is known about the recording except that it doesn't appear to have been released at this time. He's currently signed to UK label, Hope Recordings.

Apr 11th 2005

Ant News - UK music journalist and freelancer Paul Lester has interviewed Adam Ant for the UK broadsheet, The Daily Telegraph in "the first interview he has granted since the tumultuous events of 2002 to 2003".  The interview lasted an hour and was not conducted face to face, but it covers many issues from Adam's view of the Michael Jackson case to "The Madness Of Prince Charming" TV documentary, of which he says, "it got the best reaction of anything I've ever done".

One revelation from the article is Adam's apparent lack of recollection of certain past events. Paul writes, "His cover version of Neil Diamond's America, a charity record for the New York fire-fighters, doesn't ring any bells, nor does his 2002 single Big Trouble, a snippet of which was played by Nicky Campbell on BBC Radio 2. "No," he says, vaguely, "that wasn't me."".  But on a more positive note he says he's (still) working on the Fist In The Skull album project, and that he's also working on his autobiography.

Throughout the early '90s Paul Lester was a freelance for Melody Maker, City Limits, 20/20, and Sky magazine. He was made Features Editor of MM in 1993 before leaving in '97 to launch Uncut, where he is now Deputy Editor. In his spare time he rides Japanese super bikes, plays with small children (his own) and wrote for The Guardian, before joining the Telegraph earlier this year.  He's also written a number of biographies for such artists as Björk, The Verve, The Prodigy, Blur, Oasis, Pulp, Kula Shaker and Robbie Williams.  (They're all subtitled "The Illustrated Story" and published by Hamlyn should you wish to hunt them down).

To read the full article, either go to the Telegraph site (where registration is required), or it can be read on the INSECT NATIØN Forum here.

New Carty Remix New Carty Mix

Carty News - With copies of the 2005 Ant Remasters being delivered by Amazon a few days ahead of the 11th April release date, we can now finally announce that two new Carty mixes will be made available for download.  The Redux CD features Adam covering the T.Rex song "Dandy In The Underworld" and has received the remix treatment.  The Sexy Beast Mix was already announced on this page on March 30th. Both tracks appear on Carty Mixes Volume 7, and tracks details are available on that page.

Apr 7th 2005

MOJO Mag May 2005 Sony ad in MOJO
UNCUT Mag May 2005 HMV ad in UNCUT

Ant News - UK Music magazine, MOJO, features a review in the new May 2005 issue of the three 2005 Adam Ant remastered CD's.  It also features a new Sony ad featuring all six CD's and a picture of all seven discs in the limited edition collector's box (which looks vaguely familiar to the image created for this site back in mid February).  HMV have also placed a full page add for the releases in UNCUT magazine.  To see larger scans of the ads, just click on the images above.  To read the review, please click here.


Dispatched at last!

Ant News - Amazon.co.uk have announced that they have started to mail out copies of the 2005 Adam Ant Remasters, due for official release on Monday 11th April. UK and European customers have been told the CD's were sent out on 7th with arrival dates ranging from 6th - 8th April 2005 and 7th - 11th April 2005. American fans who also ordered through the UK were also told that the items dispatched on 7th April 2005, although the due estimated delivery date is 13th  - 15th April 2005.

Major Carty site updates

Carty News - Regular visitors to this site will have noticed a significant number of new pages added to the Antmusic section.  These pages contain detailed information about all the Ant singles, albums, compilations and bootlegs.  Because of the sheer quantity of pages and subsequent number of updates, the announcements have NOT been made via this site's update page.  Instead a dedicated folder has been set up on the Carty Inc. Forum to announce any such changes.

Triple hacking of the Ant Rap forum

Ant News - The official Ant forum, Ant Rap has been hacked for the third time in one week. As soon as the forum comes back online the hackers strike again.  The forum is probably at its busiest since it started in the late 1990's, and has left many of its members devoid of their daily chats.  It is not known if the all three hacks are connected, but it cannot be ruled out. The Adam-ant.net mailing list also appears to be affected.

A temporary forum has been set up by Justin (aka Red Scab), who's is the Ant Rap forum's admin and moderator.  That can be found here

Mar 30th 2005

Adam Ant - "Chicken Outlaw"

Ant News - Adam Ant's cover version of Wide Boy Awake's "Chicken Outlaw" is to finally get released in April 2005.  The track was announced by the label Le Coq Musique back in February 2005 (although Ant Lib were on the case as far back as April 2004) and will feature on the label's Mikes Bikes compilation CD.  Adam commented himself on the recording saying, "Rhythm devils exist only in our minds".  "Chicken Outlaw" was originally a minor hit for Mooney's  band, Wide Boy Awake in the 80's. They were formed right after his sacking from the Ants.  Mooney's latest band, the Lavender Pill Mob have also contributed to the new CD.

From a 3AM interview with Kevin Mooney in Sept 2004 (found here):

Mike's Bikes will include a song from none other than Mooney's old mucker Adam Ant, who chose to sing a version of the Wide Boy Awake single "Chicken Outlaw". "Which is strange," says Mooney, "Cause that song was about him. When I left the Ants, I said to Adam, as a parting shot, 'You're not an outlaw -- you're a chicken outlaw.' But that's the track he wanted to do, and he did a better version than Wide Boy. When I left the Ants, I hated him, but, when I bumped into him again at a pub in Primrose Hill, it was, 'Hello, brother!' Time changes things and it heals. I was a defector from the Ants camp, but through the prism of time, I really appreciate it."

For more information and to order the CD, visit the Le Coq Musique site.

New Carty mix

Carty News - A new Carty mix has been completed to coincide with the release of the 2005 Friend Or Foe remastered CD.  "The Sexy Beast Mix" contains the three tunes that Adam and Marco recorded in one night, following their return from a tour of Japan in 1982.  "Juanito The Bandito", "Why Do Girls Love Horses?" and 'new' track, "Good Sex Rumples The Clothing" have been magically brought together in one smooth 12 minute mix.  There's also one or two surprise bits and pieces in there too, plus an intro that will make you prick up your ears!  The mix was initially to made available on 4th April, but seeing as the release of the 2005 Remasters has been put back, so has the date for this mix.  Read a little more here.

Mar 29th 2005

Release delayed!!

Ant News - The much awaited release date for the 2005 Adam Ant remastered CD's has seemingly been put back again.  Initially the 3 CD's and the box containing the bonus CD, Redux were given a release date of March 1st.  That was put back to April 4th 2005. Just a week ago, it was posted on the Ant Rap Forum that HMV had given a new release date of April 11th.  This was also confirmed by the Amazon.co.uk site as they have the same date on their pages.  Just to confuse matters and to concern fans even more, the Amazon.de site, in Germany,  have given a date of April 25th!!  At this time, no official word has been made as to why this is the case.

Mar 28th 2005

Leave It To Me: A Life of Rock, Pop, and Crime: Vol 1

Ant News - Sad news in the Ant world as Adam's manager at the height of his career, Don Murfet sadly passed away on March 26th 2005.  Don, along with his wife and daughter had made an appearance at the 2004 Ant Lib Live 3 event in November to meet Ant fans and publicise his latest book, "Leave It To Me: A Life of Rock, Pop, and Crime: Vol 1".  Those who were fortunate to meet with him have expressed how approachable he was and how fondly he spoke of his days managing the Ants.  Don Murfet RIP.

Don's book can be obtained via a price comparison site, here.

Marco News - The new single by MaCe (featuring Marco Pirroni) has been receiving commendable radio plays across the UK, including BBC Radio 1's Steve Lamacq's show. The Si Begg remix seems to be stealing the crown as the favoured mix on the 12".  The track, Mr. Grimsdale, has also received the Carty remix treatment, under the guise of a new pseudonym for more harder mixes.  The Blue Carrot remix can be downloaded by visiting the www.antfan.com download page.

MaCe - Mr Grimsdale was released by Superstonic on March 21st 2005

Mar 5th 2005

Adam Ant meets Eminem yet again

Carty News - Adam Ant and Eminem meet yet again on the latest Carty mix.  Back on Volume 6 they paired up with Room At The Top and Just Lose It when Carty created Just Lost At The Top. Now Volume 7 brings the two together again in Nine Toy Soldiers.  This mix incorporates Eminem's current chart topper Like Toy Soldiers and Adam's Nine Plan Failed.

The mix also features snippets of Cleopatra, S.E.X., and Martika's original Toy Soldiers.  More details are expected shortly.

Mar 2nd 2005

K.U.T.E. cover 'Antmusic'

Ant News - 80's covers band K.U.T.E. have recorded a demo of 'Antmusic'.  Even though it was produced in 1998, it has remained undiscovered until now (thanks to Steve Horwood). More details can be found on this site's K.U.T.E. Ant Covers page, plus there's a link to their site to download the song.

Mar 1st 2005

Mr Grimsdale reviewed in the next issue of IDJ

Marco News - The new single by MaCe (featuring Marco Pirroni) is to be reviewed in the next issue of International DJ (IDJ). As reported here recently, its released in the UK on  March 21st and is entitled Mr Grimsdale.

Here's an sneak preview of the review:


MaCe: Mr. Grimsdale (Superstonic)

Raucous – electro know how – big block rockin’ beats – make your own mind up but this is a heavy tune with some low end guitar, industrial warbly scratching and something that the Chemical Brothers would have to use some pesticide on. The legendary Si Begg is the man behind the mask – heavy tune.


The track was recorded back in 2003 along with 2 other tracks Just Like That and 98.4. All three appeared on a Superstonic compilation Our Associates which was released back in July 2003. Samples of all the tracks can be found on the Superstonic website.

The catalogue number is: SUPER0004 and is distrbuted by Just-Music.com.

Feb 26th 2005

Insect Nation Logo


Ant News - A new Ant related forum was announced a week ago.  It's called the INSECT NATIØN and promises to remain on topic and is moderated to ensure this.  Discussions are already well underway and is open to all Ant fans.  Further details can be found by clicking on their logo above.

Carty News - This site is pleased to announce a new home for its pages. After being plagued by "data transfer" limits by the sheer number of visitors to this site, the move from Geocities to www.cartrouble.nl is very much welcomed.  The pages at the old site all have banners directing visitors to its new location here..

Feb 18th 2005

Redux Bonus CD rear view


Ant News - The special collectors edition of the 2005 Remastered releases, known as the "Adam Ant Remastered" box set can now be pre-ordered from Amazon.co.uk at a cost of £19.99 by clicking here.

Feb 16th 2005

Redux Bonus CD


Ant News - The special collectors edition of the 2005 Remastered releases, known as the "Adam Ant Remastered" box set has been confirmed as being limited to just 25,000 copies.  Pre-ordering this item on Amazon.co.uk has still yet not been announced, but be sure to check back here for any further news.

Feb 10th 2005

MaceA MaceB
Mace (ft Marco Pirroni) - Mr Grimsdale

Marco News - Superstonic Sounds release a new single by MaCe on March 21st entitled Mr. Grimsdale. MaCe are made up of our good friend Marco Pirroni and Laz. The images above are taken from the 12" vinyl release. The A side contains a remix by Si Begg, whilst the B side includes Laz's own remix and the album version.

Mr. Grimsdale was recorded back in 2003 along with 2 other tracks Just Like That and 98.4. All three appeared on a Superstonic compilation Our Associates which was released back in July 2003. Samples of all the tracks can be found on the Superstonic website.

The catalogue number is: SUPER0004 and is distrbuted by Just-Music.com.

Feb 9th 2005

Redux Bonus CD
Redux Bonus CD

Ant News - The track listing to the mysterious Bonus CD that will accompany the box set of the 2005 Ant Remasters has been revealed. Although the list was not from an official source, it is claimed that the information was obtained from a press release. Here's what was "leaked":


Adam Ant was an 80s icon, one of the decade's biggest stars. With The Ants and as a solo artist he sold records by the million, adorned thousands of bedroom walls and hundreds of magazine covers. His contribution to popular music, fashion and style is without question.

In July 2004, Sony Music UK remastered and re-issued the three Adam & The Ants albums, “Dirk Wears White Sox,” “Kings Of The Wild Frontier” and “Prince Charming.” Following the critical and commercial success of the 2004 reissues, SonyBMG is to reissue remastered and re-packaged editions of the three Columbia recorded Adam Ant solo albums, “Friend Or Foe” (1982), “Strip” (1983) and “Vive Le Rock” (1985), in March 2005. As with the previous re-issues these three albums will contain many rare or unreleased tracks and demos from the original recording sessions and will be packaged in deluxe digi-pak packaging.

The tracks included on the press release can be seen HERE, although it must be stated that this press release is believed to be an old one as the demo of Showbiz is not on this CD. The release date was also announced as 4th April 2005, and its title, Redux, can at last be revealed.

An official announcement from Adam-ant.net is expected imminently.

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