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The Camera Control Master extends the replay capabilities of GPL by adding direct control to the replay cameras. The former version, the Car Camera Manager, already offered capabilities to switch car camera sets during replay. Now the Camera Control Master makes it possible to control the roll bar and pit camera by mouse and by script. 

So the CCM was created in first place to easily manage and switch Grand Prix Legends car camera files. The car camera files, which has an extension ". cam " are located in the cars/cars67/<car> directory. For each type of car a separate file exists with a different name in a different directory. Because of that, switching between camera files is not an easy job. 

Related to car camera sets, CCM offers the following:
1. Keep all camera views in one file.
2. Add screenshots to each camera view.
3. Copy and paste camera views between multiple sets.
4. Distribute camera set to each car directory and file by one click.
5. Switch camera sets directly during replay without distribution of files (introduced in V2.0).

Besides to the camera control functionality, starting from V3.0 the Camera Control Master is upgraded to have more .cmf files opened simultaneous.

Related to direct camera control, CCM offers the following:
1. Mouse and keyboard control on roll bar and pit camera
2. Script language to create preprogrammed camera effects to execute during replay for the roll bar and pit camera.
3. Single step mode to synchronize smoothly with movie grabbers like GPL2AVI.
4. Saving roll bar and pit camera positions in a text window by hotkey. When applied on the pit cam it is useful in combination with track camera editors.

A screenshot of V3.0 is shown here below:

ln V3.1 a lot of bug fixes and small improvements were made.
V3.2 finally introduced native support for Nascar Racing Season 2003.
V3.3 now also works for the Project Wildfire mods.

Download the GPLForever Camera Control Master here !!! 

The only file you need to download for GPL, NR2003, the Project Wildfire mods and the GTP mod is gplfccm_setup34.exe.

Succes !

File Size Version info
gplfccm_setup34.exe 1.5 MB 27/09/03 version 3.3 includes changes
- Now supports GTP too
gplfccm_setup31.exe 1.4 MB Still available for use with NR2002 together with patch 606 kB If you want support for NR2002, download this file. It is an unsupported patch to the Camera Control Master V3.1
version_info.txt 3 kB Updated up to V3.3

I want to thank:

Simon Brown, Kevin Durber and Menno Taylor Parkins for testing V3.1.

Niko Stenberg for creating amazing effects, which are included since V3.0 in the default.cmf, and for writing the effects page for the helpfile. 

Martijn Lohmeijer for creating the new helpfile which is included from 23 march 2002.

Nunichan for helping to implement NR2003 support.

e-mail: gplforever

last updated: 22 April 2005