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2006 Local Elections

Election Details
Type: Local Election
Date: 04 May 2006
Central Ward Further Details
Bruff, Margaret Labour 910 votes
Doyle, Peter Independent 327 votes
Hutton, Donovan (Don) Liberal Democrat 527 votes
Millner, Gillian Ruth Conservative 155 votes
Seilly, Dennis British National Party 347 votes
Cudworth Ward Further Details
Hayward, Joseph William Labour 1413 votes
Rowley, Jean Conservative 149 votes
Sanders, Ian John Barnsley Independent Group 900 votes
Darfield Ward Further Details
Cale-Morgan, Marjorie Elizabeth Conservative 168 votes
Garner, Susan Elaine Liberal Democrat 182 votes
Saunders, Caroline Labour 711 votes
Smith, Trevor Barnsley Independent Group 1112 votes
Tibble, Paul Philip British National Party 332 votes
Darton East Ward Further Details
Cullum, Thomas Albert Labour 808 votes
Logan, Patrick John Liberal Democrat 274 votes
Spence, Harry Barnsley Independent Group 1249 votes
Watkinson, Clive Conservative 396 votes
Darton West Ward Further Details
Howard, Sharon Labour 935 votes
Short, Tony Conservative 431 votes
Simmons, Susan Lorraine Barnsley Independent Group 853 votes
Sutton, Ian David Charles British National Party 701 votes
Dearne North Ward Further Details
Buckley, Paul Edward Conservative 129 votes
Garner, Ian Liberal Democrat 453 votes
Hancock, Janice Elizabeth Labour 1011 votes
Murdoch, Raymond Barnsley Independent Group 234 votes
Dearne South Ward Further Details
Brook-Gardiner, Sarah Louise Liberal Democrat 1065 votes
Garrett, Robert British National Party 491 votes
Noble, May Labour 1158 votes
Shaw, Dorothy Margaret Conservative 75 votes
Dodworth Ward Further Details
Carr, John Barry (Jack) Barnsley Independent Group 1378 votes
Dunlop, Deborah Rachael Labour 1018 votes
Hill, George Conservative 466 votes
Hoyland Milton Ward Further Details
Franklin, Robin Labour 1088 votes
Hill, Elizabeth Conservative 276 votes
Naylor, Trevor Barnsley Independent Group 1229 votes
Kingstone Ward Further Details
Cave, Alice Labour 721 votes
Hollins, Donna Elana Barnsley Independent Group 1154 votes
Watson, Frank Independent 148 votes
Wilkinson, Stuart Nicholas Conservative 135 votes
Monk Bretton Ward Further Details
Dunlavey, Michael Barnsley Independent Group 557 votes
Harris, Susan Joy British National Party 323 votes
Richardson, Kenneth Labour 906 votes
Smith, Kenneth David (Ken) Liberal Democrat 277 votes
Turvey, Geoffrey Ewart Conservative 185 votes
North East Ward Further Details
Higginbottom, Leah Dorothy (Dorothy) Labour 1680 votes
Watkinson, Lesley Anne Conservative 725 votes
Old Town Ward Further Details
Dyson, Martin Craig Labour 633 votes
Middleton, Peter Barnsley Independent Group 1479 votes
Morrell, Grace Ada Conservative 203 votes
White, Lancer British National Party 299 votes
Penistone East Ward Further Details
Arundel, Teresa Catherine (Trish) Liberal Democrat 808 votes
Barnard, Robert John Conservative 1539 votes
Hayler, Jill Labour 929 votes
Jones, William Edmund (Jock) Labour 838 votes
Murdoch, Lisa Jane Barnsley Independent Group 691 votes
Smith, John Robert Gordon Independent 749 votes
Wilson, John Major Conservative 1518 votes
Penistone West Ward Further Details
Hand-Davis, Paul Francis Barnsley Independent Group 808 votes
Milner, Andrew Robert Conservative 1012 votes
Pickersgill, Lynda Jacqueline Green 281 votes
Thorpe, Kelly Marie Barbara British National Party 399 votes
Unsworth, Joseph Labour 763 votes
Rockingham Ward Further Details
Andrews, James Gregory Labour 1255 votes
Hannagan, Robert Neal (Bob) Independent 320 votes
Robinson, Alison Janet Barnsley Independent Group 846 votes
Toon, Michael John Conservative 297 votes
Royston Ward Further Details
Barr, Andrew Conservative 197 votes
Cheetham, Tim Labour 959 votes
Gouthwaite, Edward Alan (Eddie) Liberal Democrat 437 votes
Harris, Paul Anthony British National Party 393 votes
Race, John Barnsley Independent Group 464 votes
St. Helen's Ward Further Details
Bostwick, David Labour 905 votes
Brown, Jack N/A 707 votes
Orr, Jack Barry Conservative 197 votes
Stairfoot Ward Further Details
Campbell, Anne Jillian Conservative 154 votes
Redford, Steven Labour 871 votes
Smith, James (Jim) Barnsley Independent Group 1014 votes
Smith, James Donald British National Party 386 votes
Wombwell Ward Further Details
Bailey, David British National Party 396 votes
Needham, Garry Bradley Conservative 179 votes
O'Loughlin, Arthur Barnsley Independent Group 610 votes
Wilde, Denise Labour 1347 votes
Worsbrough Ward Further Details
Aranyi, Jillian Barnsley Independent Group 566 votes
Durie, Patricia Jane Liberal Democrat 370 votes
Elders, Elizabeth Allan Conservative 139 votes
Jennings, Malcolm British National Party 395 votes
Taylor, Eunice Labour 965 votes
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