Concealed Object Detection

SNC's Remote Frisk™ system technology detects objects concealed on a person at a distance of 40 feet or more. The Remote Frisk operates out of a van or truck, covertly screening a crowd at a sports event. It can also be installed indoors to screen passengers in a terminal, at the entrance to a building, a shopping center, an office complex or visitors to a facility.

SNC’s Remote Frisk technology combines the best of active and passive detection approaches, eliminating the speckle problem and allowing  very low MMW radiating power to be used.


  • Indoor and outdoor operation
  • Images the entire volume from ~1m to the end of the specified range without refocusing
  • 1cm lateral and 3mm longitudinal resolution through entire volume
  • 3-D imaging of nonmetal objects (explosives, illegal substances) hidden on the body
  • Does not depend on temperature contrast
  • Operates covertly -- can be hidden behind interior features or concealed in a vehicle
  • Provides automatic warning
  • Requires minimal training
  • No full body image display – only characteristics of suspected hidden objects are shown

3-D MMW radar baseline contour plot of a mannequin and 3-D radar image of wooden disk (non-metal concealed object).

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