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She-Hulk (drawing by Frank Cho)

Caught in the blast of Gamma-Radiation, brilliant scientist Bruce Banner is cursed to transform in times of stress into the living engine of destruction known as THE INCREDIBLE HULK.

Welcome to The Incredible Hulk Library website where you can find lots of stuff about Marvel Comics' © 1962 character the Incredible Hulk. Enjoy the website! ~ Julio

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Update - New Hulk Game !!

Mar 20, 11
Now you can play your favorite Hulk game in a slots version, not only it is enjoyable but you can also win a lot of money. Visit intercasino and play Hulk online slots. Check it out and enjoy playing.

Hulk Kicks the Tar Out of Superman

Mar 20, 11
My friend and comic book artist colleage Vicente Torres from Mexico recently made a well-achieved alternate version of the famous fight between Hulk and Superman from DC vs Marvel #3 (1996). As you know, the Man of Steel was the official winner of that encounter (mandated by reader votes) but Vicente shows us what TRULY should have happend. Check that drawing out in the Fan Artwork page.

More Fan Artwork

Mar 20, 11
Don´t miss other cool Hulk related fan artworks to please your eyes in the Fan Artworks page by Richard Ramirez and Christos Zabaras.

The Gates Are Open!

Feb 6, 11
Hi everyone! Now you can access all of the contents of the site without having to own an ePass or any other special login account. That is: no restrictions or limitations, the full contents of the site at your fingertips! You can now see full comic book synopses, a greater number and larger images like covers and interior pages, write your own comments about issues and much more. Enjoy!

Upcoming Comics: November, December 2010; January 2011

Oct 24, 10
Visit the Upcoming Comics page to see the Hulk-related comic books coming out on November and December of 2010, and on January of 2011!

Like Father, Like Son

Aug 18, 10
Hulk and his son Skaar clash for a second time but now the battle is more ferocious, savage and brutal than any could have anticipated. And the best of their fight is how it ends. See the info and images we have on Incredible Hulk #611 where writer Greg Pak closes a circle that he started 4 years ago, with fabulous art by Paul Pelleter and his team.


Aug 18, 10
Visit the Pinups page to see some of the latest Hulk artwork by artist Paul Pelletier, including a scene from the fight between the Hulk and Skaar.

Original Artwork

Aug 18, 10
Thomas Suhling has one of the most impressive collections of Incredible Hulk original artwork in the world. See the first batch a samples in the Original Artwork page. Thanks Thomas for sharing them with us!

Fan Artwork

Aug 18, 10
Richard Ramirez and Jerod Blayney sent more samples of their fantastic artwork depicting the Hulk, see them in the Fan Artwork page.

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Sexy Titania

The Incredible Hulk has been portrayed by many artists during his almost 50 years of existence, like Sal Buscema, Ron Garney, John Romita Jr. and Adam Kubert, among others. Use the links below to see our Incredible Hulk image gallery.

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