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Northgate Station


The elevated Northgate station will be located east of First Avenue Northeast, spanning Northeast 103rd Street, with a station entrance on the Northgate Mall property north of Northeast 103rd Street and an entrance south of Northeast 103rd Street near the King County Metro Transit Center. This station will provide access to Northgate Mall, bus transfers at the Northgate Transit Center and to adjacent park-and-ride facilities. Sound Transit continues to work with Metro, the City of Seattle, and other Northgate stakeholders.

map of Northgate station area

Key Features

  • Elevated station approximately 25 feet above ground
  • Two station entrances: elevators, escalators and stairs will be provided at each entrance
  • Tail and pocket tracks north of the station


Station facilities:

  • Elevated station platform and trackway with two entrances   
  • Covered bicycle storage
  • Public art

Issues for final design:

  • Final architectural features
  • Details of pedestrian, bus and bike connections
  • Artist selection
  • Construction schedule and methods
  • Future extension of light rail north of Northgate Station

Learn more

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Northgate Station animation >>>

Projected Ridership

2030 Daily boardings: approximately 15,200 at Northgate

Project Contact

Ellen Blair
Community Outreach Coordinator
401 S Jackson St
Seattle, WA 98104
Phone:Phone:(206) 398-5043

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