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Friday, October 5th, 2007

A Virtual Richard Stallman for Cowsay Hack

I'm not sure how this came about as unfortunately I wasn't there, but apparently the other night, users in the #ubuntu-uk channel had some fun with vrms. And then today it spread from the IRC channel to the mailing list.

I submitted my system output as requested [well it is Friday!] However, I did feel a little disappointed by the vrms program. Sure, it's good at what it does [actually this is debatable as it only counts packages installed with apt!?] but the output was a little boring.

Surely it would be better if RMS were to present the results himself? Enter my little hack.

Instructions for Ubuntu

1. Make sure you have both vrms and cowsay installed. You can install them using apt with the following terminal command:

sudo apt-get install vrms cowsay

2. Download my rms.cow file with the command:

wget http://crunchbang.org/misc/rms.cow

3. Move the cow file to Cowsay's cows directory with the command:

sudo mv rms.cow /usr/share/cowsay/cows/rms.cow

4. Now run the following command to have cowsay output your vrms results:

cowsay -f rms -W 60 `vrms`

5. Now marvel at the screen! It should look something like my example below:

Screen grab of Richard Stallman Cowsay Hack

Note: Obviously this is hours of fun, but if you get bored [surely not] you can always have RMS say something else, try the following for example:

cowsay -f rms LugRadio, bunch of freedom haters!

You digg?

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4 Responses to “A Virtual Richard Stallman for Cowsay Hack”

  1. Alan Pope wrote,


    Submit it as a patch for cowsay, quick!

    Oh and on the 1st of the month vrms will run to remind you of your hatred of freedom! :)

  2. Philip wrote,

    Submit it as a patch for cowsay, quick!

    LOL, sure why not.

  3. andylockran wrote,

    haha. This made me smile.. Well done!

  4. Arky wrote,

    Cool one, RMS would love this! I have similar hack with xmlstarlet and cowsay


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