Carte Blanche is an annual Free Software fest organized by Computer  Society of MIT. Since 2005, it has been providing a platform for the  budding software engineers from  across the country to display the  prowess in the various fields of  computing with a special importance  towards Free Software.

Freedom matters

Stallman and Carte Blanche

The wishes fom Richard Matthew Stallman, the founder of FSF and the GNU project -

I thank all the students who have helped to hold the Carte Blanche 07 event. Teaching other students and the general public,to appreciate the freedom that free software provides is vital if freedom is to prevail. The social mission of a school is to teach of a free society. In the computing field, this means teaching them to be users of free software. The entire university ought to do this. Your dedication can bring this about.

The journey of Carte Blanche with RMS did not stop here. Carte Blanche ’10 added yet another feather to the cap with RMS interacting with the students through audio conferencing wherein RMS took queries from the students and answered the same through phone. A pre-recorded video of his talk was also played.

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