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Valtira Corporation

Dasein Open Source Software from Valtira

Dasein is a suite of Open Source software from Valtira and its employees.

Dasein began in 1996 as an effort by Valtira's founder, George Reese, to create utilities for the developer of enterprise Java systems. Dasein has grown into a place where you kind find all kinds of developer tools and other software under an Open Source license.



The software libraries at Dasein.org extend back to before the term Open Source was even coined.

Dasein Persistence Library

The Dasein Persistence Library is a suite of Java classes that enable you to create EJB-like components without the complexity of EJBs and without the inflexibility and performance issues of automated persistence systems.

Dasein Java Utilities

The Dasein Java utilities address common needs among creators of enterprise Java applications. They include internationalization tools, enhancements to Java's calendar API, type-safe meta-data management, and high-performance cache management.


What sort of plans do the developers of Dasein software have for the advancement of the Dasein libraries? Where do we see technology headed? Our blogs cover all of this and more.

Dasein News

Dasein.org Relaunched

Valtira relaunches the Dasein.org web site as a repository for Open Source software created by Valtira employees.