Installing m0n0wall on watchguard firebox2


If you have an old watchguard firebox2 that is no more working, or you have enough of the windows based software to configure the firebox2, just install one of the best opensource firewall m0n0wall

You need some parts before installing m0n0wall:

- Old compact flash card, 8MB is ok
- Old AT computer PS2 adapter (mini din 6 pins)
- Campact Flash -> IDE44 pins adapter
- Short IDE44 cable
- Time

First you need to open the firebox2 and plug an old pci graphic card into the pci slot, and you will see some infos, Pentium 200 MMX with 64MB ram, great, enough for m0n0wall. I'm lucky my PCI card is just the right size, perhaps depending of
your card you need an PCI riser card.

Then you need to create a custom keyboard adaptater, after some tests I found the following pinout on the motherboard:

1) Data
2) Unused
3) GND
4) VCC
5) Clock
6) Unused

To adapt my PS2 keyboard I used an old mouse connector of an PC AT style.
I pushed the pins out of the mini din and then reinsert it in the following order:

And then you can't still plug the keyboard mini din into the mouse mini din...
Just break the small plastic plug in the connector of the keyboard and thats it :-)

Oh I forget to tell you that you can disconnect these noisy fans, I think that the CPU cooler is big enough (with the case open), and its better without noise :-)


Cool we have now keyboard working and monitor, lets see what is inside this BIOS.
Phoenix Pico BIOS, hmm strange every time I change the settings and reboot the defaults are reloaded, yes I forget to tell you, to enter the BIOS press F2 just after the RAM check.

Now its time to erase the onboard flash disc, power off the box, change the upper jumper show on the next picture, power on and whait until the screen shows "operating system not found" power off and replace the jumper to his original position.

Then change as on the picture the jumper on the left, I found that this
jumper will disable the automatic bios defaults load at every boot.

Now it's time to reuse your old compact flash that comes with your camera,
and this compact flash is too small to take pictures, but not for BSD :-]
You should have at least 8MB for installing m0n0wall.

On the watchguard motherboard you can see near the keyboard connector
a large 44 pins connector, it's an IDE44 interface the same that
you find in the laptops, basically it's an standart IDE40 pins + power
You need an IDE44 -> Compactflash adapter, I found this:  look at: CFDISK.2G

And an IDE44 cable:
(Sorry the link is in french)


I tryed to autodetect my compactflash from the BIOS but it doesn't work,
then I put some manual settings in the BIOS and finally it works.
Its not very clean, but it works.

You need to adjust the settings to your compactflash size, first I changed
heads,cylinders to have 32MB and m0n0wall was booting, but m0n0wall was complaining
about some missing files... I put 33MB and its ok :-)

Now install m0n0wall on your flash card as usual and start play !


All is working fine, all 3 ethernet interfaces are discovered
m0n0wall runs perfectly, but there are 2 things that could be

This hardware is a little bit strange, m0n0wall can't reset
the motherboard when doing a software reboot, seems to be hardware.
You need to power-off-on.

If someone has infos to put the software into the onboard
flash directly it can be cool, perhaps install BSD on the CF and then try
to mount the onboard flash and copy.

Someone needs to write a special version of m0n0wall to drive
the leds on the front of the firebox2, the leds are on the
printer port of the motherboard, its not important, but cool :-)

Finally, m0n0wall is the better firewall I tried.
All others are crashing under too heavy p2p sessions.
The QOS function is very impressive !!!
And more... just look at: And, don't forget to remove the graphic card :-) and close the box.(reconnect the fans)




06.11.2005 Some news


Finally I found how to put the m0n0wall image in the internal flash.
I used the page http(s)://(mym0n0wall)/exec.php and tried some commands.
The command "dmesg" shows lots of informations and I can now give the right settings for the CF card
to the BIOS:
For my 32MB CF Card:
489 Cylinders 4 Heads and 32 Sectors
And for the onboard flash: ad1: 7MB <> [248/2/32] at ata0-slave PIO2
248 Cylinders 2 Heads and 32 Sectors


I looked at some init scripts and php pages and I found how
to put the m0n0wall image into the onboard flash.
- backup your config with the webinterface
- go to the /exec.php page and type this: echo ad1 > /var/etc/cfdevice
- Try a firmware upgrade via the webinterface
- Disconnect the CF card
- Change the left jumper (as seen before on the pics)
- Change the BIOS parameters for the internal flash
- Reconfigure your m0n0wall as usual via the console and put the saved config
- Done

28.11.2005 Added an pcmcia wifi card and it works !!





The CAT approved !!!!