Oppose the “Stockholm Programme”

On 15 April 2009, the ECLN published a Statement outlining the detrimental impact the EU's Stockholm programme will have on civil liberties in Europe and calling on civil society to voice its opinions on the plans and work towards a democratic Europe. (See the press coverage on the statement (PDF) for an overview of civil society responses, dated July 2009).

The “Stockholm Programme” sets the agenda for EU justice and home affairs and internal security policy from 2010 to 2014 and will extend militarised border controls, discriminatory immigration policies, mandatory and proactive surveillance regimes and an increasingly aggressive external security and defence policy.

The ECLN believes these policies constitute an attack on civil liberties and human rights. It calls for active civil society engagement and opposition to dangerous authoritarian tendencies within the EU.

ECLN Statement - Oppose the “Stockholm Programme”: English and German (April 2009, pdf)

Press Release on ECLN Statement:
html and pdf (15 April 2009). Also as pdf in Spanish, Italian and Dutch.

To sign this statement, please email info@ecln.org.
List of current signatories.

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