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Is a French bulldog the right breed for you?

frenchbu | French Bulldog Facts, Frenchie Owners menu | May 1, 2008

This pattern is referred to as brindle pied. Brindled areas - areas where fawn is overlaid with black striping - are interspersed with areas of white coat. Markings can be slight, or predominant.Image via Wikipedia

If you are looking for a dog who has a short easy to care for coat in a variety of colours who generally will get on with everyone and everything, who doesn’t bark much and requires very little exercise then the French bulldog might be the ideal breed for you. However if you don’t like stubbornness, sniffling, wheezing, a dog who slobbers and snorts a lot, who can be slow to house train and which can have serious problems with its health then you might be better off choosing a different breed.

The most important points to consider

* The French bulldog sounds – a great deal of French bulldogs share the same trait which is well known to the breed, this includes snorting, snuffling, grunting, wheezing and snoring loudly at times. While these sounds can be charming at times and fit the breed they can become nerve wrecking over time.

* Slobbering – the French bulldog is well known for its slobbering jowls, the frenchie is known for its excessive drooling particularly after eating and drinking. While some may not mind finding dog drool and slobber everywhere others might regard it with pure distaste.

* House training – the French bulldog can be very stubborn when it comes to being told what to do, on average you can expect to have to house train your puppy for roughly 6 months before it catches on. Even then there are no guarantees your efforts will succeed, it’s more a matter of who has the strongest will you or your dog.

* High maintenance – a puppy will be very expensive as they are a breed which is particularly had to breed many times artificial insemination is the only way to go. The breed also has problems giving birth due to the head size of the puppies and many times a caesarean is needed with a vets assistance.

* Serious health problems – this breed isn’t without serious health problems, many of the breed struggle to breathe in hot weather and during the summer they should be supervised to make sure they don’t become over heated. The French bulldog is also known to suffer from problems such as spinal defects, heart defects and problems with the joints.

* Gassiness – unfortunately this is a major problem with the French bulldog, though dogs fed on a natural diet of real meat instead of tinned have much less trouble with this problem.

After having said all of this there are many good points to owning a French bulldog, they are a lovable breed who act and look comical at times. There are many good points to consider as well as the bad, if after having taken all this into account you still think a French bulldog might be right for you then you should find a reputable breeder who can give you more information on the breed.

 Is a French bulldog the right breed for you?

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