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  1. A worker unloads sacks of rice which arrived from China, at a port in Dili April 26, 2011. REUTERS/Lirio Da Fonseca

    Taking a new approach to measuring aid effectiveness

    25 July 2011 19:12 BST | Comments ( 0 )

    Julie Mollins | AlertNet News Blog

    The aid world must come up with better ways to measure effectiveness, panellists at an Overseas Development Institute talk ...

  2. Technicians work on solar panels at a power station in Hub, about 25 km (15 miles) from Karachi, Pakistan, June 18, 2010. REUTERS/Akhtar Soomro

    Developing nations take lead in renewable power

    25 July 2011 16:51 BST | Comments ( 0 )

    Soumya Karlamangla | Climate Conversations

    Reports shows developing countries invested more in renewable energy than richer nations for first time in 2010

  3. Through education and awareness, a force of motley community workers is challenging discriminating social practices and traditional beliefs that brand girls a liability and blame women for giving birth to a girl. PLAN INTERNATIONAL / DAVINDER KUMAR

    Saving girls – with song, drama and chromosomes

    25 July 2011 11:40 BST | Comments ( 0 )

    Davinder Kumar | Asia Views

    Gender discrimination runs deep in Indian society. Plan community workers have a challenging task changing social attitudes.

  4. Women in Thulimadau, a village in central Nepal, travel three hours to collect water after the river Ranajor beside their village dried as a result of failing monsoons. Photo: International Alert/Niranjan Shrestha

    Why is debate standing still on averting climate conflict?

    25 July 2011 10:58 BST | Comments ( 0 )

    Janani Vivekananda | Climate Conversations

    Now is the time to shift focus in looking at climate threats, from environmental impacts to broader local threats

  5. Africa cartoon stirs famine pornography debate

    22 July 2011 17:02 BST | Comments ( 3 )

    AlertNet Contributor | AlertNet News Blog

    A satirical newspaper cartoon commenting on media priorities around the Murdoch scandal and the East Africa famine sparks ...

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