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New York City hums! Full of vitality and color, NYC holds a special place in the hearts of all who walk its streets or dream of doing so. Its richness has inspired the Green Apple Map's fresh perception of home - a green-eyed view that has touched the lives of thousands of people over the past fifteen years, reigniting interest in this city's environment, as well as our impact on and connection with the global community.

Green MapĀ® System has produced twelve different maps of the city since 1992. To support the environment and climate care, in addition to the citywide Green Apple Maps, we have produced Energy, Composting and Youth-oriented editions and provided related tours, workshops and exhibits. We have also created resources that help NYC's youth and community Green Map projects achieve wonderful outcomes. Reaching and engaging New Yorkers in all parts of the city, all of these maps use lively Green Map Icons to promote and link green living, nature, social and cultural sites of all kinds. Many can be downloaded here, too!

Our history (even a slideshow, events, honors and resources, such as the educational Energy & Environment Exploration Modules, multi-lingual Tips (in Spanish and Chinese) and an Album are available at this website. Green Maps created by NYC youth and community groups are featured in the Allied Maps section. What's coming next? Read about the forthcoming Green Teens Green Map, too! Find out more at About this Website or just explore and enjoy.

And don't forget to check out our global Green Map System program at GreenMap.org. Our original NYC map inspired this growing global movement in 1995 and today, over 500 cities, towns and villages in over 50 countries have their own Green Map projects! 360 unique editions have been published to date, showcased online in profiles of each Green Map and Mapmaker (find our profile and our maps there, too). There's an amazing new participatory mapmaking platform in progress at OpenGreenMap.org, too - check out the NYC map here!

We hope all who have valued using the Green Apple Map will help us create the next edition. Please join us in our mission by joining our list of supporters, suggesting sites (new link coming soon) or even starting a new Green Map project in your community or school!

Thank you for becoming part of the effort to turn the Big Apple into the Green Apple!

Green Apple Map 2000
We have produced 5 citywide printed Green Apple Maps - this was #4, published in 2000.

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The Green Apple Map inspired the creation of the global Green Map System in 1995! Now, GreenMap.org connects to locally-led Green Map projects in 50 countries!