OIC urged to press India on Kashmir issue


ASTANA, Kazakhstan: A delegation representing Kashmiri interests urged members of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to keep the disputed territory in mind while expanding economic ties with India.

“It is important for prominent Muslim states that have either close economic ties or are intending to forge new ties with India to remind New Delhi of their apprehensions of what is happening in that part of Kashmir that is occupied by India,” said Ghulam Muhammad Safi of Kashmir’s separatist All Parties Hurriyat Conference (Geelani).

“The situation on the ground is very deplorable. Kashmiris continue to suffer at the hands of the occupation forces,” Safi said at the OIC foreign ministers meeting in Astana. “We have documented a number of grave human rights violations that have been committed in recent days and submitted them to the OIC,” he said.

The Kashmiri delegation was led by Srinagar-based Agha Syed Hassan Mousavi representing Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and included Ghulam-Nabi Fai, executive director of the Kashmiri American Council; Abdul Majid Tramboo of the ICHR Kashmir Center in Brussels; and Nazir Ahmad Shawl, Justice Foundation executive director of the London-based Kashmir Center.

During his meeting with the Kashmiri leaders, OIC Secretary-General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu reaffirmed his organization’s “total support for the Kashmiri people and their legitimate struggle for legitimate right to self-determination.”

He also welcomed the resumption of dialogue between Pakistan and India to achieve a just and peaceful resolution of the longstanding issue.

With 160 million Muslim citizens, India has about 10 percent of the world Muslim population. India is neither a member of OIC nor does it have observer status. India's entry into OIC has been opposed repeatedly by Pakistan, and New Delhi itself has developed an anathema to the organization.

Statements coming out of the OIC foreign ministers meeting referring to Kashmir as "occupied territory" drew a sharp response from Indian federal minister Farooq Abdullah.

“The OIC has no jurisdiction as far as we are concerned; therefore, its view does not make any difference, and all members of the OIC are not part of this game that is being played. There are interested parties who want to create a problem, but India knows where we stand,” Abdullah told journalists in India. He suggested the OIC set its own house in order.

“Why doesn’t the OIC worry about the problems in Arab countries? Why aren’t they looking into what is happening in Libya, what is happening in Iraq, what is happening in Afghanistan, what is happening in Palestine and Israel, and now Syria? Why don't they stop those conflicts rather than worry about India. Let them set their own house right, rather than worry about other countries.”

“The OIC is not an organization of only Arab countries,” said Justice Foundation’s Shawl. “It represents the entire Ummah, and Kashmir happens to be part of this Ummah, so it has every right to take notice of the pain and agony of the suffering people of Jammu and Kashmir.”

Fai of the Kashmiri American Council noted the issue was a global one.

“World leaders, such as Russia’s Vladimir Putin and America’s Barack Obama, have expressed their concern at what is happening in Kashmir, and the OIC is simply reiterating the sentiments of the world powers that see the resolution of Kashmir essential for bringing peace and stability to the region of South Asia that includes India, Pakistan and Afghanistan.”

“The OIC countries realize and acknowledge that Kashmir is part of the Muslim Ummah and that what is happening there is a cause for concern for the entire Muslim world,” said Safi. "Abdullah's remark clearly indicates that India is beginning to feel the pressure."



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There are more people being killed in FATA and Balochistan than in India. The Pakistani Air Force is bombing its people using F16s. Is the OIC showing any concern about that? What about the genocide in 1971 of Bangladeshis? Did the OIC show concern about that? The same is about the concerns of people about Pakistani occupied Kashmir where they are basically running it like a colony in the Gilgit Baltistan region..

Until countries like Pakistan stop using OIC for their political agendas, then OIC will always be ineffective in the political field. It is acutally in the interests of the Muslim Ummah to request India to join OIC which has 200 million muslims because without it is not representative of the muslim world. Hopefully, OIC can come to this realization sooner rather than later.


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Over one hundred thousand people died in Kashmir at the hands of THE Indian state military.


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@Ahmed Wani, Kashmir dispute is monitored by UNO & almost 18 resolutions have been passed so far on this issue . . . world is fully acquainted about the scenario of Kashmir as well as of other places!! OIC knows very well where to pay keen heed to resolve pending issues since decades. World-bodies don’t believe on mere propagandas or rumors but of course on factual & ground realities. Moreover, numbering of being Muslims doesn't cut ice at all. . . you being 200 Million Muslims couldn’t save your chastity within your localities, Gujrat, Godhra & Babri Masjid are some of glaring examples which tarnish your image of being humans <


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@Arsh Qadri, Before pointing to some one please check the issues which are more critical than the Gujarat, Godhra etc. The case of Gujarat, Godhra and Babri masjid is done by some anti uslim elements, but in pakistan and other parts of the world muslim people are attacking their brothers and sisters by open firing and bomb blast, which is more critical and need utmost attention and shud be resolved at the earliest. I know that the Kashmir is also burning issue, when compared to other muslim countries problem this looks small..... and regarding the saving chastity, In India even though muslims are surrouonded by many anti muslim elements, but still feel safe rather than people living in Pakistan and other muslim countries...so where is the difference.. so its high time to resolve the issues between our muslim community rather than pointing to some others....


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Kashmir is part of Global Islamic Khilafah and that is why Muslim Ummah is more concerned about this issue. You (indians) being Muslim should have at least spoken a word of sympathy for the people of Kashmir who are being slaughtered by butcheristic indian army in broad day light . . . but Alas! You people are more concerned for your economy, pride, pomp n posh. A human life hardly matters for you particularly when that is Muslim too. Prophet of Allah (PBUH) said, “if you have no shame, than do whatever you will” HUMANIZE THE HUMANITY BY ACCEPTING TRUTH. . .
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