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This site is dedicated to the people from Wang Labs. Dept. 14 headed by Harold Koplow. During the late 1970s and early 1980s this group was responsible for development of the WANG WPS and OIS Systems, Wang's most successful products. The internal code name for the project was "928" derived from the date of original conception of the product September 28, 1975.
THEN AND NOW Pics, bios, stories of the group members
OLD PICTURES Some pics from the good old days at Wang
REUNION 2001 Pics from the reunion in October 2001
REUNION 2002 Pics from the reunion in October 2002
REUNION 2007 Pics from the reunion in September 2007
THE GRAND STANDALONE Remember this ad picture?
ORIGINAL WPS BROCHURE "The Last Word" or The First?
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HAROLD'S PAGE Read Our Fearless Leader's Autobiographcal Serial
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