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More TRAC - SAM76 - Claude Kagan 

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Forum: Computing Languages List
Re: TRAC (Peter Zelchenko)
Re: Feedback ( Print String ( Read String ) )
Date: 1996, Jan 19
From: Edward P Luwish

I believe the R.E.S.I.S.T.O.R.s (have no idea what the letters
mean) was a group of kids who played with computers and
electronics in Claude Kagan's barn in Pennington, N.J. near
Princeton.  Because the developer of TRAC, Calvin Mooers,
spent the rest of his life inventing the software patent and
sued everyone in sight, Claude (whose employer, Western
Electric Laboratories was sued by Mooers) created a very
similar language called "SAM76" supposedly based on S7 and M6
"languages from Bell Labs".  I have the original tutorial
manual written and illustrated by the R.E.S.... and versions
on paper tape for the Altair and TRS-80 floppy disk.  I think
it looked more like @os@is;; but you could change all the
special characters and command names so it could be made to
look EXACTLY like TRAC.  Claude wrote some neat graphic games
for the TRS-80 in SAM76/TRAC.

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