Dr. Warner's Sanitary Corset

United States
First advertised in 1875, this example is most likely from the late 1870's. A black sateen sanitary corset made by the Warner Bros. Corset Company. The sanitary corset was the created by two brothers who were physicians, I. De Ver Warner and Lucien C. Warner when they became alarmed by the effects a badly fitting corset could have on the health of a woman.
The high bust of the sanitary corset has shoulder straps for bust support with each bust cup having quilt stitching. The interior lining of the bust cups have a starched layer of Coraline cloth to give the cups their shape. The boning is made from Coraline "bones" as well. Coraline, a trade name, was produced from the fibers of the Mexican Ixtle plant and was patented by Warner's as a more durable and pliable material to whalebone or metal.
The corset does not have a busk but instead buttons up at the front with smooth brown wood buttons. The back of the corset has strips of elastic which would stretch to the size of the wearer without the need for back lacing. The corset only reaches waist level so as not to confine the hips and has four tabs with buttons sewn on placed around the bottom to attach petticoats to.
Measurements: Bust 37", Waist 27", Length 9 1/2" not including shoulder straps.

From the collection of L. Hidic

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