Time For Intersex Awareness Day: Ideas for Action!

Below are some of the ideas for action/event on or around Intersex Awareness Day. These are just suggestions--feel free to create your own local Intersex Awareness Day and make it as fabulous as your imagination can handle! Just make sure to let us know.



  • Film Screening & Discussion
    • See list from ISNA ("Mani's Story" is particularly recommended!)
  • Lecture/Presentation
    • Intersex Initiative's Speaker's Bureau (Northwest/Northern Cal)
    • Bodies Like Ours' Speaker's Bureau (Northeast/New England)
  • Public Forum
  • Fundraiser
    • Performance by local bands & artists
    • Art Show

Other Ideas:

  • Do we need a symbol color? Ribbons?
  • Have your mayor officially declare October 26 to be Intersex Awareness Day!
    • Sample letter to the mayor to be posted soon


  • Rally/Demonstration
    • ...in front of hospital
    • ...at medical school
    • ...at the brand-new John Money Wing at Eastern Southland Gallery in New Zealand
  • Fliering
    • Download PDF files from Intersex Initiative
  • Non-Violent Direct Action (Please don't break laws--and if you do, don't tell us about it, okay?)
  • Street Theatre

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