About Us

The Israel on Campus Coalition (ICC) is a partnership of the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation and Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life, in cooperation with a network of national organizations committed to promoting Israel education and advocacy on campus. The ICC's 33 member organizations are dedicated to working collaboratively to assist students in fostering support for Israel on the college campus. Read our Mission Statement or find the latest news and events in our ICC Updates. ICC supports a number of Regional Centers.

The Israel on Campus Coalition was formed during a consultation convened by the Schusterman Family Foundation in March 2002 to evaluate the worrisome rise in anti-Israel activities on college campuses across North America. Jewish community professionals in attendance concluded there was an essential and immediate need for:

  • Increased strategic cooperation and collaboration among community organizations from across the political spectrum
  • Improved sharing of information, ideas and resources to minimize duplicative efforts
  • A shift to pro-active advocacy and educational initiatives to better support Israel on campus

The ICC was given a home at the Schusterman International Center in Washington, D.C. and officially launched in July 2002 with a consultation including an even broader number of concerned professionals from the Jewish community. Since then, the ICC has helped organize the Jewish community to work together - and focus on - a pro-active, pro-Israel agenda on campus.

Today, the ICC serves as the central coordinating and strategic body to address campus issues and intelligently impact a pro-active, pro-Israel agenda on campus. The Jewish community relies on the ICC and its members to meet the needs of the pro-Israel community on campus, identify the important issues and initiatives, and work cooperatively with key partners and community organizations.

To learn more, or to inquire about membership, please contact us at info@israelcc.org.

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