Total Proof of the New World Order

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  • Screw the new world is corrupt & thats all these is about is power & killing people...did they forget to mention the Death Plan Fema Concentration Camps? They make it sound like its a positive thing, its good for us all, when thats not the truth...since when did world domination become a good thing? I for one will not stand still for this if & when it breaks out. I will fight for the constitution of this great country...& bear arms against Satanists like the Illuminati...

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  • @salakast

    and the threat and dangers of modern globalization and bam, he gets killed. Just something to think about.

    3) A one-world government based on the US would be attrocious, a global shopping mall.

  • @salakast

    1) When have you ever heard about their 'plans to implement a one world government' on mainstream media? Never. Please give me one example of a mainstream media source (CNN, BBC, etc.) that has reported any plans for world government.

    2) Be open minded and do some research, I think that you're misguided if you believe the official report behind the JFK assasination. Kinda odd that JFK was one of the only presidents who actually warned about the growing corruption in the US

  • Your New World Order will fail bring it on Obama for the patriots are raising there fists in anger. We will not fail you under estimate us. My people will no longer suffer from your idiotic bills and agenda's if you think we will let you take are country the country are forefathers spilled their very blood apon the soil we walk on. You have destoryed america's Economy with a 14.3 trillion dollar debt and you intend to make it worse? Be ready to fight millions who will die for what WE belive in

  • Americans, as long they have a job and a car, they do not care what kind of government they have. In a country where 60% are poor, other 30% are middle class, a republican wins elections for governor and president? Both parties are sold out, but republicans are atrociously against the people in favor of the rich and the big corporations, so, do the people vote against its interest? YES,,,because even being poor they want to side with the RICH, and ending up being screwed up worse than before .

  • A lot of cool propaganda and conspiracy. *shrug*

  • what the heck is C.F.R.

  • We outnumber you by the millions. Our growing numbers of people with nothing left to lose willing to stand and win the war against you money lovers. You have worked to divide us on silly issues while you erode ALL of us our freedoms. We come in all colors and religions. We know what you have done to us. If you are believers pray to your owl or whatever, that we may show you mercy. The day of reckoning is upon you.

  • everyone needs to take some lsd


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