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sign_smWeic 1270 was established in the mid 50's and has seen several changes throughout it's 50 plus years of history.  Located about 3 miles west of Charleston on State Street, you will find the Weic studio's.  Down through the years Weic has been a variety of formats ranging from  talk radio, country, and to it's current format 24-7 Southern Gospel Music. Due to the lack of information available, the early years of Weic are really not known. The history of Weic on this website will focus on the later years.  As said earlier Weic began it's operation in the mid 50's in the Charleston area with a variety of local programming.  Several local individuals were involved as advertisers or actually having programs on Weic. An FM signal and transmitter were installed in later years and Weic became even more involved in the local community and a very popular media outlet. The FM signal, (92.1) also saw various changes in format which included country and old time Rock and Roll.  The FM signal was sold somewhere around 1990, but up until that point had live disc jocky's 24-7 and lots of influence on the local community. A couple of former employee's have even gone on to employment with local television stations.  Robert Reese, now employed with WCIA TV in Champaign, IL and Scott England, now employed with WAND TV in Decatur, IL, both no strangers to WEIC. Gary Lee was employed as a salesman for Weic for several years prior to the 24-7 Southern Gospel format. Gary also was employed at WKZI radio in Casey, Il prior to going to work at Weic. weicgary1sm
As you can see, Gary Lee was involved in radio for several years. Gary began a  Sunday morning program called "Gospel Sing Time" at WKZI and later began airing this program on WEIC. Even though neither radio station had any focus on any type of religious broadcasting, Gary was allowed to have his "Live" Sunday morning program every Sunday morning.  As you can imagine the popularity of this program grew very quickly as no one else in the area offered this type of program. Southern Gospel Quartets began getting interested and Gary grew many friendships with various Southern Gospel Artist and groups. Gary held a management position at a factory in Mattoon, Il while continuing on every Sunday morning with his program "Gospel Sing Time". To this day, "Gospel Sing Time" is believed to be the longest running program in the Charleston, Coles County area.  The program is currently hosted by Gary's son Brad Lee.  All this continued until 1994 when Gary and wife Norma had an opportunity of a lifetime.....an opportunity to purchase the WEIC Radio Station.  weicgary2sm
Gary had longed to take Southern Gospel Music to a new level in the area and here was his opportunity. Together with his wife Norma, they became the owners of WEIC Radio in early January of 1995.  Coles County and the surrounding area finally had it's very own Christian radio station with family friendly programming.  WEIC actually began the 24-7 Southern Gospel Music programming November 26th, 1994 while the details and terms were being worked out for the purchase.  Gary and Norma experienced many "bumps" along the road, but continued on with this radio ministry.  While some area Christians and Churches have tried to break down WEIC over the years, the Lord has seen to it that this radio ministry goes on.  Gary Lee lost a battle with cancer in May of 2003 and once again WEIC was faced with great uncertainty. The Lee Family, a few month's after the loss of Gary and with the help of the Lord and his direction, decided that WEIC would continue on. Under the direction of Gary's son Brad Lee, and with the help of the Lee family, WEIC continues today offering great Southern Gospel Music to it's listeners. Only the immediate Lee family knows what Gary and Norma Lee have gone through with their efforts in keeping WEIC on the air, many struggles, many challenges. momanddad_sm
Today we are thankful to the Lord for looking out for WEIC and also thank once again Gary and Norma Lee for standing firm against sometimes seemingly impossible odds and unthinkable circumstances.  It's certainly not been an easy road getting to where we are today. Internet steaming is now offered and WEIC can be heard virtually anywhere in the world.  WEIC currently is a reporting radio station to the Singing News Magazine top 80 chart. What this means is WEIC and it's listeners have a say in the top songs across the nation. WEIC also is the only 24-7 radio station in Illinois playing Southern Gospel Music, others may play the music from time to time, but WEIC remains the only radio station staying with this format. At the present time, WEIC plans to continue to be a beacon to the community and to the people we serve.  Tough economic times present many challenges to us here at WEIC but with listeners praying and financial support we will continue on. We encourage you to become a financial supporting partner of WEIC to help ensure that Southern Gospel Music lives on here in our community. Thank You for your help. Please pray for us. Any questions, comments or concerns should be addressed to the following:

Brad Lee
WEIC Radio
2560 West State Street
Charleston, IL 61920
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