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    I’m Dana, and this is The Funky Kitchen. I am really happy that you have found your way here!

    Anyone who knows me, and I suppose those of you who are about to know me, knows that I love to spend time in the kitchen, amongst the pantry items, thinking of tasty things to make. I’m always searching for the best recipes and new food ideas. And really, reading other food blogs has led me to this place: I’m going to bake and cook just like I have previously, but I’m going to put things up here that I find especially fantastic and tasty.

    This is my giagantic pile of recipe clippings:

    It has been collected over the years, and  I hope I’ll get to work through at least a chunk of it, the ever expanding row of cookbooks on my bookshelf, and maybe (if you’re receptive) some of my own food creations.

    I’m looking forward to this adventure, it’s new territory for me, and I hope it will be fun.  Won’t you come along with me? I’m sure things will just get tastier from here.

    I’ll be back later today with my first recipe!

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