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Featuring Salem and Roanoke Va.'s most FAMOUS restaurant chain.

Lendy's WAS Roanoke, at least in the late fifties and sixties.

A classic Drive-In restaurant. Call stations, curb service, rooftop D.J.'s. There were TeleTrays at each parking space.

You sat in the comfort of your own car, talking to friends, listening to the radio, waiting for your order. It might be a Buddy Boy. A double decker hamburger with cheese, lettuce, pickle and its own special tangy sauce.

Along with that you might have coming an order of onion rings. Not those poseurs made of breaded minced onion, but real sliced fresh onions fried in a light batter.

Maybe your date would be waiting on her Longfella. A sandwich stacked with Hawaiian ham, lettuce, tomatoes, with its own special sauce served on a freshly baked Grecian roll.

Drinks? How about a thick chocolate or strawberry milkshake or maybe a Lime Freeze. After all that, if you had room, how about a little dessert maybe? A thick slice of fresh Pecan Pie. No wait. Make that a slice of that Famous Lendy's Strawberry Pie. With lots of whipped cream.

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This is how the Williamson Road Lendy's looked when it was originally built as a "Dandys".

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Here is a view of the same sign, after the restaurant became a Lendy's.

Here's the Boxley Hills (Williamson Rd.) Yoda's / Lendy's building today. This Lendy's began life as a Dandy's*, then after a year became the second Yoda's location. The front of this building was originally all glass, and had a dual row of canopies to the right.

Here at the Lendy's Web Page, we have been searching for a photo of this location as it appeared during its days as a Lendy's. After ten years, we still have no photos available of that time. If you have any photos showing this Lendy's, please consider loaning them for use on this site. Contact info is on page seven.

*See Dandy's ad on page 6

Yoda's was founded by Jack Young, who was Leonard Goldstein's brother in law, and Bill Schroeder.

To Leonard Goldstein's surprise, Jack Young opened the first Yoda's on East Main St. in Salem shortly after Leonard had opened his Shoney's on Apperson Dr. The fact that Leonard would now have competition from another restaurant licensed to sell Big Boys, and that it would be operated by his own brother-in-law created considerable friction within the family for quite some time. A visit from Leonard & the Colonel at Jack's home, instigated by Colonel Sanders, eventually led to a reconciliation, and Yoda's merged with Lendy's.

Newspaper page copy

Read "Under the canopy...", a 1984 Roanoke Times feature written by Randy Walker.


Brambleton Ave. Lendys

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This was the Grand Opening of the Brambleton Avenue Lendy's in the summer of 1971. One of the last Lendy's built, the style was influenced by changes in Kentucky Fried Chicken's franchise policy.

The "Buddy Boy" statue in front of this location mysteriously disappeared shortly after it opened, but was later found by one of the employees in the woods nearby.

Melrose Ave. Lendys

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This was the Melrose Ave. Lendy's "take home" shoppe. This building no longer stands, but guess what does?

Downtown Lendys

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This was the Lendy's Downtown Coffee House.

A great place to go after watching a James Bond movie at the Jefferson Theater. If you're just having a Coke, please sit at the counter.

Radford Lendys

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This was the Radford Lendy's, under construction and completed (1969). Just down the road from then Radford College. Yep, it had a drive-in canopy.

Blacksburg Lendys

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This was the Blacksburg Lendy's, located at Gables Shopping Center. It served Virginia Tech and Blacksburg, and had a large canopied / 'TeleTray' equipped drive-in area in back. Managed by "The world's worst whistler - Don Walk", the Blackburg Lendys also had a secret. Click HERE to find out what it was.

The rear canopy, shown under construction and completed.

More Lendy's Pics

Unloading Lendys truck

Darryl Fortner and Ray Disher at the LENDY'S COMMISSARY in Salem.

Employees at Lakeside Lendys

Jack Disher and Jane Glass at Lakeside Lendy's.

Employees at Franklin Rd Lendys

Employees at the Franklin Rd. "Mainliner"

Pat Dotson and employees bowling league

Pat Dotson and crew from Lendy's Gold Nugget Cafe on Williamson Rd.

Blacksburg Lendys employees

Employees at the Blacksburg Lendy's in the early 70's.

Lendys matchbook

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Unidentified Lendys waitress

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